Beat Film Festival and Arzamas presented an educational project on documentary films

Experts of the course were screenwriter Elena Vanina, film critics Mikhail Ratgauz and Alexei Medvedev, director Marina Razbezhkina, journalists Yuri Saprykin, Alexander Gorbachev and Alexander Urzhanov, as well as street artist Timofey Radya. They explain in detail how documentaries are arranged using the films “The Act of Murder”, “In Search of Sugarmen”, “Give Me Shelter”, “Thin Blue Line” and others.

In addition to the course, the movie "Illusion" will show the films "The Man on the Rope", "Finding Sugarmen" and "Do not Look Back". Before the sessions, discussions will be held with the project experts. Live discussions will be available on the Wink platform and in the Beat Film Festival accounts on social networks.

On Wink you can watch for free the most popular films of the festival of the last two years: "Matangi / Maya / MI A", "Skate Kitchen", "Shut up and play the piano", "When I think of Germany at night" , Basquiat: An Explosion of Reality, Social Animals.



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