Basic exercises: three whales

Gyms are constantly replenished by beginners who have no idea about building a workout, muscles, exercises, nothing. When an abundance of simulators appears before them, then they get lost "where should I practice?"

More often than not, guys come to pump up biceps and abs cubes, but someone thinks that his pectoral muscles are lagging behind, but, as is usually the case, everything is lagging behind.

How to load several muscle groups at once, if you need to perform exercises sequentially? So, you can. Exercises that combine the load on several muscles are called multi-joint and they are very popular in powerlifting and bodybuilding.

What exercises are called basic?

Basic exercises are the big three: squats with a barbell on your shoulders, bench press on a horizontal bench and deadlift .

These exercises were first used by powerlifting athletes, and then gradually entered the bodybuilder training programs.

To the multi-joint (basic) exercises can also be attributed: standing barbell press (army bench press), pull-ups on the horizontal bar, pulling the bar in the slope to the belt, push-ups on the bars, etc.

Consider a magnificent three of iron sports. And let's start with the bench press.


Bench Press (the bench press)

This is a basic exercise that has adjustable weight, which is used by athletes to increase muscle volume and strength. Bench press - the most popular and adored by all exercise.

During the exercise, the entire load is borne by:

  1. Pectoral muscles
  2. Front deltas
  3. Triceps.

Basic exercises: three whales

Starting position

Lie on a bench so that your eyes are under the bar. The head and buttocks are pressed tightly to the bench, the shoulder blades are reduced and also pressed, in the lower back there is a deflection.

Legs should have a firm position on the ground. The grip on the neck is slightly wider than the shoulders.

End position

  1. Remove the bar from the racks and bring it out above you and lower it by inhalation until it touches your chest.
  2. Then, as you exhale, straighten your arms so that the bar moves straight up, and not in any arc. As soon as the arms are fully extended at the elbows, the final position will be reached.

Basic exercises: three whales


The most common mistakes when performing a bench press: lack of touching the pelvis and bench, incomplete range of movement of the bar, separation of the head from the bench and turns.

Options for the bench press

To do the bench press on the pectoral muscles only, perform a bench press without a bridge and / or with legs on a bench to isolate the pectoral muscles.

Basic exercises: three whales

And also the bench press on an inclined bench, which is performed as a warm-up exercise for the pectoral muscles (approximately 60-70 percent of the working weight):

Basic exercises: three whales

2. Deadlift

Deadlift is one of the exercises where only precise technique will ensure safe execution.Therefore, before you start this exercise, read how to correctly and talk with people in the room who can show and tell you.

Deadlift is an exercise that simultaneously loads a large number of muscles and provides good muscle gain.

The muscles involved in the work:

  1. Hip biceps
  2. Buttocks
  3. Longitudinal muscles of the spine
  4. The widest (or just - wings )
  5. Trapezoid
  6. Quadriceps
  7. Adductors (inner thigh)
  8. Forearm

Basic exercises: three whales

Starting position

First, go to the bar on the floor and place your feet shoulder-width apart parallel to each other.

Secondly, the grip should be slightly wider than the width of the shoulders, hands take an upright position.

Thirdly, the shoulders are above the bar, and the gaze is not directed down, but up.

Fourth, do not forget about a straight back !! This rule will be the key to your healthy spine.

Bend your back forward as much as possible.

Basic exercises: three whales

Final position

Take a deep breath and exhale lift the bar. No abrupt movement. Vulture moves strictly up along the legs.

The final position will be the position when you will be straightened with a barbell in your hands.

Basic exercises: three whales

Pay attention to:

  1. Slow and smooth execution of the exercise
  2. When lowering the bar, the pelvis is bent back
  3. During execution, the bar moves along the legs, strictly vertically
  4. Bend in the lower back
  5. Inhale is taken on the move down, and exhale up.


  1. Round back
  2. Bouncing the bar against the floor
  3. When lifting, there is uneven straightening of the legs and back (legs overtake the back)

Basic exercises: three whales


  1. Link Sumo Basic exercises: three whales
  2. Link on straight legs Basic exercises: three whales

3. Squats (Squats)

The basic exercise is leg training, which significantly affects the increase in body weight.

Muscles involved in the work:

  1. Quadriceps
  2. Hips biceps
  3. Buttocks
  4. Lower back muscles

Basic exercises: three whales

Starting position

  1. Squeeze slightly under the barbell, the grip is slightly wider than the shoulders, bend your lower back, remove the barbell from the racks.

  2. Take 2-3 steps back, put your feet shoulder width apart, bring the shoulder blades, look away.

Basic exercises: three whales

End position

  1. Breathe in deeper and squat slowly until the thigh is parallel to the floor.
  2. When moving down, remember to move your pelvis back to maintain balance.
  3. The back is bent during the exercise and tilted forward.
  4. Keep your knees out of your socks.

Basic exercises: three whales


The most common mistakes while doing squats:

  1. Knee reduction
  2. Tearing off the heels
  3. The knees go out over the socks
  4. The neck location

Basic exercises: three whales


  1. Wide-leg squats Basic exercises: three whales
  2. Chest squats Basic exercises: three whales
  3. Zercher squats Basic exercises: three whales


So, in this article you met the great three of iron sports, with the base: bench press, deadlift, squats.

What else would I like to say on this topic:

  1. Performing basic exercises - increase the body's productivity of testosterone and growth hormone.
  2. Improving your technique and adding weight - you will achieve an increase in strength and muscle mass.
  3. All muscles included in the work will grow evenly.
  4. Remember that you should not abuse these exercises. Everything should be in moderation.

  5. Base execution is supported by proper nutrition


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