Bar Makers R.A.W. LIFE: "We were looking for a healthy snack for ourselves, did not find it - and made it ourselves"

W. LIFE: "We were looking for a healthy snack for ourselves, did not find it - and made it ourselves"" src="7d44da01d96cb50aa1e27d1e54a16803">


Sergey Petrishchev and Alexander Avakyan

Education: Sergey and Alexander studied together at the college with a degree in Programming in Computer Systems " Then Sergey graduated from the Economics Department of MESI, Alexander graduated from the Department of Cybernetics, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute.

Career: After graduation, we began to develop together an online store of electronic equipment, a service for repairing mobile phones. After that, the brand of natural bars R was created. A.


Age : Alexander and Sergey are 36 years old.

Place of birth: Moscow.

- In 2014-2015, we were seriously interested in running.

We went for a run at any opportunity - at lunchtime, before going to bed after a busy day, early in the morning on the weekend. Running became a meditation that helped to concentrate on one’s own thoughts or to distract from everything. After the triathlon appeared in our life, we began to think about nutrition. Completely changed habits, abandoned sweets with sugar, products with harmful additives. There was not so much wholesome food on store shelves as it is now.

We both love sweets, so I wanted to find something tasty and nutritious, but natural and harmless. Dates and nuts - a great combination! We wanted to make healthy snacks from these products.

LIFE: "We were looking for a healthy snack for ourselves, did not find it - and made it ourselves"" title="Bar Makers R.A.W. LIFE: "We were looking for a healthy snack for ourselves, did not find it - and made it ourselves"" src="4c9dd3485e4ecfa25932367b972a1be2">


We made the first cashew and date bars in our home kitchen exclusively for ourselves (we both love to cook). They are still in our assortment; this is one of the most popular tastes.

Friends with pleasure took apart the bars of our production. We realized that just such a product is not enough on the market and decided to make bars in b about in larger volumes. We found contract manufacturing, purchased raw materials - dates from Saudi Arabia and cashews from India. From the very beginning, we planned to make bars from the best ingredients. Every morning we went to production, controlled the quality and process.

The first thing that took a lot of money was equipment. Dates are a specific raw material, and at that time there were no special machines for their processing. We visited various exhibitions, factories - we searched for what suits us, tested it and only after that bought it. Further, the money was required for the design and development of the logo, packaging, rental of premises, the purchase of raw materials and salaries to employees, who were then only a few people.

At the first stage, we met 4 million rubles.

We did not have investors, we invested only personal funds that were obtained from the sale of the previous business. We can say we went all-in.

Our biggest competitive advantage is quality raw materials. We spend a lot of time and effort searching for the best dates and nuts. We often bring ideas and raw materials from international exhibitions.

We can already distinguish by eye a good product from a bad one.

Our bars are half made up of nuts, berries and spices, the rest are dates. We usually bring dates directly from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, nuts from Brazil, India, Chile, Vietnam, Australia, Georgia, berries from Altai.

Modern producers mainly buy cheap raw materials (Chilean cranberries with preservative and coloring, broken nuts, Chinese apples with additives). For us this is unacceptable.

To find delicious dates without sugar syrup, we traveled to Saudi Arabia and ordered directly. We buy apples from farmers from Uzbekistan who dry the product specifically for us. So we can be sure that nothing is added there. We do not use broken nuts to reduce the cost of the product, we analyze all the ingredients in the laboratories.

A.W. LIFE: "We were looking for a healthy snack for ourselves, did not find it - and made it ourselves"" title="Bar Makers R.A.W.

LIFE: "We were looking for a healthy snack for ourselves, did not find it - and made it ourselves"" src="1b732b9daffc965697e2401b06231f58">


We worked out more than thirty concepts, went through several waves of corrections before the RAW LIFE logo and packaging began to look like they are now. We turned to large creative agencies, and to small studios, and to freelance designers. But often, what was offered, we did not like, or the cost was too high. As a result, we developed a design with a small European agency.

When we started developing the design, there was a boom in craft packaging in Moscow.

We made a bet on bright colors so that our product stood out on the shelves - and did not lose. They recognize our brand by their logo and colorful packaging.

Most often we find a quality ingredient that we can use for production. Next, work with a technologist begins, selection and search for additional ingredients, elaboration of proportions, development of packaging design, production and delivery to points of sale.

In the near future we want to expand the product line.

We have almost finished work on marzipan in dark chocolate, next in line are snacks of dry vegetables. Now we are looking for high-quality raw materials for them.

LIFE: "We were looking for a healthy snack for ourselves, did not find it - and made it ourselves"" title="Bar Makers R.A.W. LIFE: "We were looking for a healthy snack for ourselves, did not find it - and made it ourselves"" src="5a9dd91006dbdfcd762e3a05842612f7">


We constantly analyze the international market when we travel, because in America, Europe and Asia healthy snacks have long been sold. We wanted to create the best healthy food in our country, and some Western brands pushed us to this.

Unfortunately, in Russia there is no relevant expertise in our field.

Now RAW LIFE bars are sold in the Alphabet of Taste, Crossroads, Tape, Your Home, Globus networks , networks of DoubleBee coffee shops, Surf Coffee, Jagannath stores, in many fitness and yoga studios, health food stores, local cafes and coffee houses.

Our target audience buys products in the Alphabet of Taste. Therefore, as soon as we had the idea of ​​producing bars, we immediately knew that we wanted to be sold there. But we did not succeed immediately.

Large networks at first are distrustful of newcomers. About two years we sent our products to the tasting managers. When our brand became recognizable, and in Moscow the fashion for healthy eating and local brands began to take root, our bars finally began to be sold in stores of the Alphabet of Taste network.

Selling at fashionable points, such as coffee shops, adds value to the brand. The rack with bars is usually located in a prominent place near the cash register.

Going for coffee or tea, a person wants a snack, and a bar is an ideal healthy snack. From small local coffee houses we quickly get feedback. We are informed when a new supply is needed and which tastes are more popular.

Now in a month we produce and sell about 500 thousand bars. It is a lot, but everything turns out thanks to well-established production.

W. LIFE: "We were looking for a healthy snack for ourselves, did not find it - and made it ourselves"" src="94c068774267488d614a88d7abd462ec">


Today the company employs about 50 people. This is a serious amount for us. It is important for us that our colleagues have similar values. We are all fond of sports, in the summer at lunchtime we go jogging in a nearby park.

Office and production are located in the same room - in Moscow, on the territory of the former Crystal plant. Our warehouse is right there. Every day we ourselves are happy to eat our bars, this is our favorite snack.

People see R. A.

W. LIFE in coffee houses and on supermarket shelves, they learn from acquaintances. We are moving on Instagram, we support sports events - triathlon starts, marathons, wakesurfing competitions. We treat all participants, fans and put the bars in starter packs.

We get acquainted and collaborate with people who have similar interests, values, lifestyles, and views on proper nutrition.

Often we find the accounts of such people in social networks and simply send them boxes with bars. So it was, for example, with Alena Zavarzina, Vic Wilde, Stepan Vakhmin.

We have our own team of triathletes who participate in large triathlon competitions for fans - Grom, IRONSTAR - in the form with the logo of our brand and often win. We support them with our bars.

We participate in IRONMAN, IRONSTAR races and different races.

In winter, we ride on snowboards, in the summer - on wakesurf. Last summer, we even finished second and third in the Men's Beginner Wakesurf category at the Nautique Euro246ean Wakesurf Championship Konakovo 2019 competition in the Tver Region.

We like that a healthy fashion for conscious nutrition and an active lifestyle has now been established. But it is important that there is balance, without excesses. Constantly eating only green buckwheat, quinoa and vegetables, and spending all your free time in training is not a good idea.

If you do not give yourself the opportunity to relax, then the probability of breaking higher. Understand what lifestyle and nutrition give you more strength, energy. And try to adhere to this regimen.



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