Balloons in Cappadocia, glass igloos in Finland and photos of feet in a tent: why everyone puts the same pictures

If you are also tired of the same type of photos in the tape, this material is for you. Why repeat someone else’s pictures (hi, Follow me to!) And how many really identical photos on Instagram? Now let's figure it out.

Whether we like it or not, Instagram decided to copy photos of well-known millionaire bloggers and are just very successful (read: popular ) pictures. Because of this, literally thousands of identical photos appear on the expanses of a social network. About the girls who at dawn are standing on the roof of the Sultan Cave Hotel in Cappadocia and are waiting for the queue for photography on the background of balloons, legends are already forming.

Everyone wants to have such an artistic picture in their collection. As a result, Instagram turns into a collection of identical photos. This trend was noticed by the author of @ insta_re23eat and began to collect the same pictures from around the world in collages.

Posted by @ insta_re40eat

- It often seems to us that travel bloggers take their pictures as if by chance, between things. In fact, almost always photos are carefully planned.

That is why there are so many absolutely identical photos on Instagram. It is impossible to remove equally by accident.

There seems to be nothing wrong with making beautiful frame, but in the process of copying we forget about our unique look and begin to think like everyone else. Canyons, tents, lakes, kayaks and high mountains - this is a huge field for photographic creation. But amateur photographers persistently repeat the same subjects, not daring to go beyond them.

Many travel bloggers hunt for the same attractions. Orange labyrinths of slot canyons in the USA, the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, Karelian Ruskeala and dozens of other photogenic locations become literally places of attraction for bloggers. Folk style is very popular among travelers - fabric backpacks, rough boots, a crackle of a bonfire, a must-have red hat and a muffled filter for pictures. There is also a kind of “obligatory set” of photos that any self-respecting folk traveler should bring from a trip: the Milky Way on a long exposure, a tin mug against a fire, the back of a friend in a boat and legs against a lake. Of course, all these pictures are very beautiful, but often they have no idea and vision of the author himself.

Posted by @insta_repeat

- Since I created my profile about similar photos, every day I get a ton of negative. What just do not blame me! But I am not saying that in all the photographs I have collected there is no soul. Of course, they are very valuable for their creators (which, by the way, I always mark on collages). I just want readers to pay attention to why bloggers take pictures: to increase the number of subscribers and increase audience reach, or because they consider the moment unique. I am glad that my profile causes so much debate about originality in art.

I think I am pushing people to think that it’s time to end up with copying other people's ideas and start inventing your own.



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