"Bad food is just a habit and a social influence." Chef Ilya Blagoveshchensky about how he lost 56 kilograms

I started to eat, but carefully. I did not indulge in gluttony, as before, I began to take food more selectively, refused pork, stopped drinking cola, corrected my diet and until January 2017 remained in the weight of 120-122 kilograms. And in January, I began to lose weight. I prepared very powerfully - I didn’t understand how the body works before, what it needs, how to properly build nutrition so as not to torment itself. I developed a nutrition plan that suited me, and by May the weight dropped to 103 kilograms.

At the same time, it was easy and cool for me, and the body did not go crazy.

Now - for more than two months - I am professionally engaged in kickboxing. Daily training for 2-3 hours and one day off per week. I have my own team and two coaches. At first, kickboxing was just an obscure hobby, but then, gradually, it became a goal.

Now we are preparing for the championship. Naturally, my regime is tough: getting up at eight, breakfast, and at ten already training - kickboxing, gym, stretching, breathing. In one day, I burn from 1,200 to 1,500 calories. When I entered this rhythm, I completely rebuilt the food - I simply did not have enough strength. From 105 I lost weight to 98 kilograms.

However, I observe a very interesting transformation of the body. The first championship is scheduled for autumn, and I need to lower the weight to 91 kilograms to enter the desired category.

- The rhythm of life has become crazy, but the body is not overloaded. I like the feeling of lightness and comfort. If three years ago I ate packs of medicine for heartburn, now I completely forgot about them (and this is when you consider that I drink a lot of coffee).

Everything that happens is a huge incentive. You become more energetic, more charged for success. Such a powerful life school. You do not seek excuses, do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. You do not spare yourself.

You plow. I look at myself and understand: if I want, I can achieve a lot.

If earlier I could give up, find a bunch of excuses, now I'm not looking for them. I'm just going to what I need.

" Chef Ilya Blagoveshchensky about how he lost 56 kilograms" title=""Bad food is just a habit and a social influence." Chef Ilya Blagoveshchensky about how he lost 56 kilograms" src="/assets/images/18c994729359b808a76ebfc6be60abed/4183f219045dc08c52bfef6394e0b244.jpg">

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