Back push-ups from the bench - swing triceps

Back push-ups from the bench - swing triceps

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Back push-ups from a bench, chair or any other support are an effective basic exercise for the development of triceps or muscles of the back surface of the arms.

This exercise allows you to vary the load in a wide range and is perfect for both men and girls. Reverse push-ups are called due to the fact that they are carried out in the back of the stop, that is, the hands are behind the body, and not in front of it.

Benefits of exercise

The target muscle group in this exercise is the triceps of the shoulder. Additionally, the anterior deltoid muscles and the upper pectoralis working. The chest, among other things, gets some stretch.

Back push-ups from the bench - swing triceps
When doing push-ups, triceps, the front bundles of the deltas and the upper part of the pectoral muscles work.

Inverse push-ups have several advantages:

  • The exercise includes all triceps heads at once. In general, the size of the triceps is much larger than the same biceps, but this fact often eludes many athletes. That is, if the goal of the practitioner is to increase the volume of hands, to train exclusively biceps is simply irrational.
  • Women push-ups from the bench on triceps are allowed to tone the back surface of the hands, which is traditionally considered a problem area.

  • You can perform the exercise in the gym, at home or on vacation - it does not require any special equipment. Push-ups can be done focusing on a bench, chair or sofa, or even a bench in the park. Using weights is also no problem. You can increase the load with a dumbbell, a pancake from a barbell or any other weighty object, even a bottle of water.
  • Triceps is under stress in both the positive and negative phases of movement.

Push-ups from the bench have a number of variations. So, a novice can do them by placing bent legs on the floor (the load is minimal), and an advanced athlete can throw their legs on the second bench and use weights.

Back push-ups from the bench - swing triceps


Speaking about the merits of the exercise, it is also worth mentioning its main drawback. The fact is that reverse push-ups significantly burden the shoulder joints. In particular, they have a shear effect.

Therefore, if you have poor flexibility, have been injured or have any problems with your shoulders, exercise is contraindicated for you.


Consider the reverse push-ups with legs on the bench:

  1. Place two benches parallel to each other at a distance slightly exceeding the length of your legs. Turn your back to one of the benches and take the emphasis from behind, placing your palms on the edge of the bench, with your fingers forward, with a grip width across your shoulders. Put your heels on the second bench. The back should be straight.

    This is your starting position.

  2. On inspiration, slowly lower the pelvis, bending your elbows to the right angle. The forearms throughout the movement should be perpendicular to the floor, that is, the elbows do not diverge to the sides.
  3. On the exhale, with a powerful effort push yourself back to the starting position. Do not jerk the body, push-ups from the bench are performed exclusively by reducing triceps.

Back push-ups from the bench - swing triceps
Performing an exercise with legs on a bench.

A lightweight version of this exercise that girls can use is when the legs are on the floor. If you bend your knees, it will be even easier.

And to increase the load, use extra weight. You can put a pancake from a barbell or a dumbbell on the pelvic area.

Any other burden that you can fix on yourself is suitable.

Back push-ups from the bench - swing triceps
If you put your feet on the floor, you can complicate the movement by placing one foot on the other.

It is better to put back push-ups at the beginning of triceps training. This is a very energy-intensive exercise. Perform it 10-15 times in 3-4 approaches.

If 10 times is too much for you, do as much as you can, but with full adherence to technology. Performing a movement at half-amplitude or due to jerks is pointless.

What to look for

In order for your triceps workouts to be as effective as possible and not lead to injuries, pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • When doing push-ups, do not extend your elbows to the sides and do not bend your arms in the elbow joints to more than 90 degrees. This could result in serious injury.
  • Place your palms with a grip at shoulder width, that is, near the hips.

  • If you place your feet on the floor, do not extend your arms fully at the highest point. A small angle remains.
  • Increase the load gradually. Start with the “legs on the floor” option, then move on to the “legs on the bench” variation, and then start using the weight.
  • Do not bend your back - the spine is straight throughout the movement.

  • Before performing the exercise, turn your shoulders, flex your wrists and elbow joints.

You can supplement the triceps training with push-ups from the floor with a narrow grip, extension of the arms with dumbbells and other exercises. Listen to your feelings, concentrate on the work of target muscles and you will see that your hands will become much stronger and more voluminous.

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Back push-ups from the bench - swing triceps


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The material was prepared by the site team with the support of our experts: athletes, trainers and nutrition specialists. Our team. .



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