Back and biceps - workout program on the same and different days

Training of the back and biceps on the same day is a classic version of the training that instructors in fitness rooms offer us today. Let's see if this is correct and what exercises are included in this program.

On the same day or on different days?

So it turns out that many exercises on the back involve biceps, but not vice versa! That is, by swinging your back, you can also swing your biceps, but when you work on your biceps, you will not use your back muscles.

There are some exercises for the back that do not include the biceps muscle or affect it only slightly. This, for example: the cultivation of dumbbells in an incline (loads the trapeze and shoulders), hyperextension, etc.

Back and biceps - workout program on the same and different days

Pull-ups, dumbbell pulls in the slope, block pulls, bar pulls and any other exercises where you lift weights by bending your arms include biceps.

Therefore, if it is decided to download them on the same day, start with the harder one - from the back.

It is difficult to talk about the correctness of this approach in training the back and biceps. This is practiced everywhere. And everyone chooses whether such a scheme is acceptable specifically for him.

You need to focus on the following: if you started working on biceps and feel that you do not have enough strength to finish the exercise, it’s too early for you to swing your back and biceps one day.

If you choose a one-day training regimen, then the back and arm muscles have time to relax. As a result of this, you can fully swing the biceps in full force.

For beginners it is better to adhere to just such a scheme, since when training with the back on one day, the effectiveness of training biceps decreases. Muscles already get tired during exercises on the back.

And there is already not enough strength to fully work on the arms.

You can cheat and first put the barbell up on your biceps, and then pump your back. But this contradicts the training policy in the gym, which states: first we swing large muscles, then small ones. That is why, at the beginning of any training, basic exercises are done, and then some isolated ones.

Back and biceps - workout program on the same and different days

Therefore, at the beginning of the workout the legs, back, and then everything else sways.

This is advisable in terms of energy consumption - the big muscle consumes more energy than the small one. Therefore, it is not recommended to download biceps in front of the back.

So what do you do? What to do, pump these muscle groups on the same day or on different days? The answer is - if you have enough strength for one-day work - swing like that. If not, divide by different days. It’s more convenient for many to swing their back and biceps on different days.

As a result, we can say:

  • When it comes to fat burning training, no matter whether you combine the training of these muscle groups or share. Since you do not seek to increase the strength and volume of muscles.
  • In the case of bodybuilding, it is permissible to work in one-day mode.
  • In strength training, it is more effective to give the muscles normal rest.

Exercises for the back and biceps on the same day

If you decide to train both muscle groups on the same day - here is a list of exercises that you can use.


First we perform exercises for the back.

Pullups with a wide grip or pull in a slope

On the day of training the back and biceps, it is undesirable to do a lot of pull-ups with a narrow grip, since the emphasis is on the hands.

Since you are rocking your back, let's swing it, that is, pull yourself with a wide grip on your head. You can divide the exercise into 2 parts: 2 approaches you are pulled by the head, and 2 pull the horizontal bar to the chest. In any case, remember that you still have to swing biceps.

The basic exercise for the back is the draft of the bar in an inclined position. If you decide to do it on biceps day, put it first and refuse pull-ups.

Other traction, dilutions, hyperextension

Instead of the horizontal bar, you can work in the block simulator according to the same scheme.

  • Further, there is either a T-bar pull, or a pull in the simulator, or a lower block pull for the lower back. Do this exercise in 3 sets of 8-10 times.

  • Then take the dumbbells and do the breeding in an inclination to the top of the back and back of the deltoids. Or hand breeding in a block simulator.
  • And do not forget to do hyperextension to keep the lower back in tone. It must be done twice a week - on the day of the back and before the deadlift as a warm up of the lower back.

This is an approximate scheme, each person individually needs to select a training program, check it, constantly adjust it.

Therefore, it is still better to order it from an experienced trainer than to experiment yourself.


Next, we will have hands.

Bending the arms with a barbell

For biceps, bending the arms with a barbell is considered basic. If you have already completed a workout for the upper back, do this exercise in 3 sets with the weight to do 8-10 reps.

It is advisable to lean your back against the wall, the power frame.

Fix the elbows at the body and work without throwing the bar up due to body vibrations. Hands should work.

Scott Bench

This is an alternative to concentrated biceps, but this exercise is a little different than this. Therefore, you can perform it, or a version with dumbbells.

Carefully select the weight: in the first repetitions, the exercise is easy, but then it makes you sweat.

If you do not straighten your arms, doing this exercise will be easier. But the whole point is in the maximum amplitude of muscle contraction. Therefore, on Scott's bench you need to work at full amplitude. It is recommended to work in the upper zone of amplitude after stretching the biceps for an amount with small weights three times a week (in the absence of acute pain).

Bending your arms with dumbbells

Instead of Scott's bench, you can use the dumbbells on an incline bench.

Alternatively, you can sit on Scott's bench, but with your back to the elbow pad. Sit down a bit so that your arms hang back slightly under the force of gravity. From this position it is convenient to do bending of the arms for biceps in different styles - parallel grip and in the form of a "hammer".

Focus on the exercise, you should understand and feel what you are doing, and not just purely mechanically practice the movements. Such conscious control will help to clearly maintain the exercise technique.

When working with heavy weights, this concentration prevents you from breaking records. In our case, it is necessary for better work.

Exercise for biceps on a separate day

When your biceps are not tired of exercises for the back, you can do more items on your hands.

For example :

  1. Bending the arms with a barbell.
  2. Hammer.

  3. Concentrated biceps lift.

Instead of a hammer, periodically you need to do bending of the arms with dumbbells. For example, a week you make a hammer, and the next week - a normal bend. Someone says that turning the palm of your hand while bending your arms with a dumbbell is harmful. But many athletes do this and achieve excellent results.

It's up to you what to choose.

Since your biceps are not yet exhausted, you can do all the exercises in 4 sets. Work to failure in any case, except fat burning. In the latter version, your task is to do many repetitions in a short time.

The hammer and bending of the arms with dumbbells can be done simultaneously with both hands or alternately.

In the latter case, you cannot raise the second hand until the first stops. There are explanations for this, just remember this nuance.

Exercises on the back on a separate day

On a separate day, you do not need to save strength and energy on biceps. Therefore, we give ourselves completely to work on the back.

  1. Horizontal bar or thrust of the upper block: 4 approaches pull the block by the head, 4 approaches pull it to the chest.

    Be careful when pulling the neck of the block to your chest - lean back a little and throw your head back a bit so that in case of a cable break the neck does not hit your nose. It happens.

  2. Next, do dumbbell traction in a slope of 3 sets in 8-10 reps (again, the number of repetitions is determined by your goal and current state of time).
  3. Then pull the weight on the T-bar or in the simulator.
  4. And the last 2 exercises in 4 approaches - this is the cultivation of oblique dumbbells and a pullover.

    Pullover can be performed while sitting in the simulator. It is very comfortable. But keep in mind that in addition to the top of the wings, the chest and the top of the triceps also work here.

Thus, you see that training on different days allows you to perform a larger amount of load. This means that the effectiveness of such training will be higher.

And another huge plus of separate training - biceps work twice a week. Once they get a not very heavy load, since the targeted training goes on the back.But the second day the biceps plow like slaves in the mines!

Training the back and biceps in one day can significantly increase the endurance of the biceps and the whole organism.

Choose for yourself what is best for you, what is more convenient for you. Try both options and draw the necessary conclusions.

Some trainers write 10 exercises per day in the programs. It is physically difficult for an unprepared body. A competent approach is to start with 5-6 exercises and work like this for at least a month.



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