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Busuanga Forestry
Potential areas of the municipality for forest, tree crops and grazing went to the Yulo King’s Ranch (YKR).Forest areas, grazing land as well as tree crop areas interlap in this ranch. There were formerly 11,000 hectares of forest; 7,000hectares of tree crop area and 10,380 hectares used as grazing land covered by YKR.

Busuanga Islands & Tourist Attractions

Black Island – Located near Panlaitan.
The island is called Malajom due to its unique physical characteristics. It has three small caves with mini-pool inside and a black rock of about 150 feet into a majestic cave. The island has natural gas which serves as flooring around the beach, as white silica of more or less 5 km. Assorted fishes are available for the whole year. Fishermen usually stay here as a resting-place. The island is one of the municipality’s sources of edible nests and guano for fertilizer. Inside the caves, you will find writings on the wall in Spanish. A mini-pool, a table forms rock, and a bench. Vacationists/adventurers believed that it was naturally built. It invites the adventurous that would dare and explore its interior for discovery, mystery, and fun.

Pamalican Island – The abundant marine life and coral reefs attracts people from neighboring barangays and towns to go swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling. And if you dream of a natural resort withy all the breathtaking beauty, then go to this island. It is one of the best places to go during summertime. It has a total land area of 50 hectares and approximately 30 minutes travel time from the poblacion. Development of the island is poitential. The means of the transportation from the poblacion to the island is to hire a motorized boat. There are no cottages in the island. Accommodation is in poblacion.

Las Jamacas Beach Resort – Located seven kilometers away from the poblacion.
The island is surrounded by coconut grooves, along its white sand beaches; the crystal clear water is ideal for swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Calumbuyan Island – It is about ten (10) hectares and is considered as one of the tourist attraction in the municipality. The abundant marine life and white beaches attract the people to go swimming. Two units of buses/jeepneys plying between Busuanga to Coron are the means of transportation from poblacion to Concepcion.

Treasure Island – The Island is bound with silica sand and famous for its sparkling white beaches. It has natural beauty with locally made cottages that will attract people to go there especially during summertime. The means of transportation from the poblacion is to hire a motor boat.

Pagbinit Island – The Island is also considered as one of the potential tourism sites due to its sparking white beaches, diverse coral reefs and crystal clear waters. The means of transportation to the island is to hire a pumpboat. Chinibayan Island – It is located in New Busuanga, 16 kilometers away from the Poblacion and is accessible by both water and land transportation.

Dibutunay Island – It is approximately 15 nautical miles from barangay Panlaitan. It is known for its white sandy beaches and clear waters. It is perfect for all tourist activities such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and sun bathing.

West Nalaut Island – Approximately traveled in one hour from barangay Panlaitan, this island’s attraction includes white sandy beaches and rich marine life. Activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or simply beach combing is very ideal. However, accessibility and docking during the rainy season is very difficult due to big waves.

Maltatayoc Island – Like the other island, this island is also famous for its sparkling white beaches and is surrounded with coral reefs. Travel time from the mainland is approximately 45 minutes. Cottages are available for those who would like to stay overnight.

Nagtenga Island – About 90 hectares in size, it also boast of white beaches and rich marinelife. Travel time is almost the same as going to Maltatayoc Island.

Concepcion Falls – It is located 14 kilometers away from the poblacion, it is accessible by land and water transportation. Those who would like to dip in the cool fresh water will also enjoy a short trek going to the waterfalls. At present, it is an ideal place to cool down for the locals and visitors alike.

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