Athlete's nutrition during the offseason and during the competition: 6 life hacks of bodybuilder Denis Gusev

My diet is made by professional nutritionists. They take into account not only the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but also all the micronutrients necessary for my body. Even on a boring, carbohydrate-free diet, I ate a variety of dishes. This is much easier: earlier during the competition I had to eat almost the same buckwheat with chicken breasts, it was unbearable. Variety in food helps not to break.

During the season for breakfast, my wife cooks me porridge in water or milk - it all depends on the diet. Then I eat six more times. As a rule, I take ready-made Level Kitchen dishes or drink protein shakes if you cannot carry food containers with you. I take vitamins, minerals, omega-3, 6, 9, which are necessary for my body in the form of additives: it is not always possible to eat the right amount of food to get these substances from food. You can simply not meet the calorie limit.

I try to eat at a certain time, I don’t eat carbohydrates after 15:00. The rest of the time s x I have no restrictions: many say that you can’t eat after six, but this is wrong. If the body remains hungry for a long time, it begins to absorb muscle tissue, I do not need it. Therefore, you can’t stay hungry for a long time even in a dream.

My wife cooks me breakfast, warms me with her warmth, gives strength.

This season was a little more complicated: Ksenia was pregnant, she needed to eat non-dietary foods, but I can’t. I swallowed drool and told myself: "This is for the sake of my daughter." It got a little easier.



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