"At the time of the jump, there was a nuclear war inside." Rope jumping: a dangerous leisure or a unique experience

Despite its apparent simplicity, rojumping is primarily a technically challenging sport. The first and most important rule: do not take risks and jump only with professionals who take care of your safety. More important are high-quality equipment and a streamlined communication system with the organizers.

The organizers leave for the place in advance. If the object is new and has not yet been tested, the team first installs the mounts and insurance, and then discards the test load.

If everything went well, the more experienced participants jump first. The team checks the system several times before allowing others to jump.

An important nuance: the rope for rope jumping does not spring, so it is impossible to get confused in it. The jump ends with an exit into the pendulum movement, that is, a person is swinging on a rope. If there is a chance of colliding with a neighboring object (for example, when jumping from towers or buildings), then special block clips are attached that roll back the insurance to a safe distance.

Ropejumpers are duplicated, and overall equipment has become much stronger since Dan Osman. However, even professionals with many years of experience cannot guarantee safety for one hundred percent.



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