At the restuarant "ObedBufet" passed the third qualifying stage of the street food award Streaters

Streaters is the first Russian award and business accelerator to support beginner street food projects. Residents receive valuable advice from mentors, a platform for business development and the opportunity to launch their own street food network. Each season of work ends with the festival of the same name, where street food lovers, authors of the best ideas and investors gather. At the next qualifying stage of the award, three projects competed. Throughout June, anyone can get acquainted with them in the RestoBufet restoratives.

Pleska - Serbian meat street food. The institution does not use semi-finished products or finished products. In June, the team of this project will feed the guests of the restomarket on Novy Arbat (15 Novy Arbat St.).

Penovani is a family-run Georgian cuisine project that has relied on khachapuri.

The menu has Adjarian style khachapuri made from whole grain rye flour and skewered khachapuri. All other types are also prepared according to original recipes. Since the beginning of summer, “lightweight” khachapuri can be tasted at ObedBufet on Teply Stan (21st km of Kaluga Highway, Mega shopping center).

Poke House takes its name from a Hawaiian dish of fish, rice and vegetables. To cook it, the team uses raw fish (salmon and tuna), seafood or tofu for vegetarians.

Poke House is one of the nominees for the Streaters Award, which will be finalized on December 14th. And from June 1, these dishes are presented in ObedBufet in Moscow City (Presnenskaya embankment, 10).



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