At the "Bottle" will be Russian Grill Fest

From April 26 to 28, the Flacon design factory will gather barbecue fans to cook, taste and learn how to make grilled dishes correctly.

Last weekend of April, the Russian Grill Fest will be held on the territory of the Flacon design factory. Restaurants Torro Grill, Boston Seafood and Bar, Southerners, Adam's Rib, Meat Cult, Meat Lab, Grill Riders, Smoked Workshop - more than thirty restaurants in total - will grill meat, fish, and seafood dishes , vegetables, fruits and unusual foods. Well-known chefs will conduct sixty workshops together with the Primembiff Meat Academy.

At the

Within Russian Grill Fest the Russian Barbecue Championship will be held in three categories: professional Best Grill Profi, team national and friendly Flacon Cup.

Refereeing will be held under the rules of the International Federation of Grill and BBQ. Professionals and experts from different countries will come to the first BBQ conference.

Guests of the festival will enjoy a barbecue fair, tastings and performances of performers of rock and roll, jazz, country, latino and ethno.

The festival will be held from April 26 to 28. Admission is free, details can be found on the website of the design factory "Flacon" .



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