Asana Yoga Fest 2018 - international yoga festival by the sea

Two parallel yoga programs, Pro and Study, will be held at the festival venues over two weeks. Pro is intended for experienced practitioners, yoga teachers and anyone who wants to competently start and build a personal practice. The masters here will be instructors of different areas of yoga from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Kishenev. Study is more suitable for beginners and fans of any level of training and age.

At the Asana Yoga Fest will be presented various areas of yoga, separate programs for beginners and for the 50+ age category, women's yoga and yoga for pregnant women, baby Yoga and yoga for children and adolescents, yoga in hammocks, acroyoga and pair yoga. Every evening, world music concerts and sound meditations will be held on the main stage of the festival.

The cost of arrival for one week is from 2,500 rubles for children and from 5,000 rubles for adults. This includes: lectures and workshops, a music program, a camping site, wi-fi, shower, toilet, beach and drinking water. You can learn more about Asana Yoga Fest 2018 at asanafest.

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