Arnold Bench Press - Delta Drawing Technique

Arnold's bench press - an effective exercise for training the shoulders, giving the deltoid muscles a rounded outlined shape. The technique here is slightly different from the traditional shoulder press. Do you already have dumbbells? Then let's get started on the Arnold bench press.

History and purpose

Why is the exercise called Arnold's bench press? After all, athletes practiced it before Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Bench Press - Delta Drawing Technique

The fact is that Arnie more than once reached the highest level of the sports podium and became the idol of thousands people around the world.

And it was he who, when preparing for the competition, introduced the mandatory study of deltas by this exercise, since he noticed asymmetry in the development of the shoulder muscles in his figure.

Each workout, time after time, he worked with his bench press his shoulders. The result of such intensive training was his magnificent athletic figure. Therefore, this execution technique was called Arnold's bench press.

When performing the exercise, the middle and front bundles of the deltoid muscles are maximally involved.

A small load goes to the rear beams. When the arms are extended, the triceps muscles of the shoulders (triceps) work.

Arnold bench press - formative exercise. It is designed to more clearly draw the deltoid muscles and give them a certain shape. In this regard, this exercise should be performed at the very end of the lesson, using light weight.


With the usual dumbbell press, the arms rise and fall in a vertical plane. When you lower your arms, at the lower point of the amplitude, the shoulder muscles get a little respite.

The Arnold bench press technique is characteristic in that during the entire exercise the tension from the deltoid muscles does not go away. This is achieved due to the fact that at the lower point the elbows do not fall on the sides of the body, but are brought forward.

Arnold Bench Press - Delta Drawing Technique

So, let's look at how to perform the exercise correctly:

  1. Take dumbbells in your hands and lift them in front of you, bending your elbows.

    Gras deployed to itself. Triceps do not rest on the chest, there must be a gap between them and the chest, which remains at the lowest point of each movement. Dumbbells in the initial position are at neck level.

  2. After inhaling briefly, as you exhale, raise your arms up and simultaneously spread them apart, while turning your palms away from you. At the end of the upward movement, make a little extra effort, which should coincide with the end of the exhalation, but do not unbend your elbows to the end.

    Otherwise, the tension in the muscles will decrease and the effect will not be the same. At the upper point of the movement of the arms are raised up on the sides of the body, the elbows are slightly bent. The palms are looking forward.

  3. Lower your hands, again turning your grip to yourself and bringing your elbows forward in front of your chest. In doing so, you take a breath.

Tension in the shoulders should be present throughout the exercise.For this, as already mentioned, it is not necessary to lean the triceps of the hands on the chest at the lower point. Since the purpose of this bench press is to work on the relief, the exercise is performed 12-15 times in several approaches.

The value of this exercise also lies in the fact that when it is performed, in addition to the muscles of the shoulders, the forearms are actively working. And as you know, they, like the shins, are difficult to develop.

How to enhance the effect? ​​

Many athletes perform this exercise while standing, but it’s more effective to do Arnold’s bench presses, leaning on the hard back of a bench or chair. In a sitting position, your body is fixed and you do not spend energy on maintaining its stability. Thanks to this, you can direct maximum effort precisely to work on the muscles of the shoulders.

We hope our material turned out to be useful and soon this exercise from the Arnie iron Arsenal will become one of your favorite. Good luck and good results!



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