Arkady Novikov: how to be a good person

- Just a year ago, I made an important discovery for myself - a person is born with all his best and worst qualities. There is anger, envy, greed in him. He can swear, he can envy ...

anything! But in the process of life a person tries to repay bad qualities, and develop good ones, on the contrary.

Everyone is trying to seem better than he is. Initially, when I was little, and then got older, I was different - not what I am now. When you find yourself in a difficult environment, you have only two options: you either harden, or become “soft” and flow in a given direction. I was born in a poor family, but for me this environment was comfortable.

I was sluggish, I didn’t do much sport, such a sissy. Someone offended me all the time. But it so happened that after school I ended up in a culinary school - and there I felt: this is mine.

Then there were restaurants and that very aggressive, harsh environment. Not that she is bad - no, but she had to survive.

Work. Plow. And if you, God forbid, do not work, they will simply eat you.

Then there was the army, where in principle it was the same. We must stand up for ourselves, we must be strong, we must train, we must be a man.

And so all my life. Each time it is a barrier. I don’t even know if this is good or bad. Would I advise my children to overcome such barriers so that my son is like me? I do not know. This is a philosophical question.

If I say whether I am satisfied with myself - probably yes. Although, again, depending on what to compare. I have done a lot. He opened a number of restaurants in which people work. Many people.

I am interested in living, I have relatives, comrades, friends. I love life. I have not lost interest in her.



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