Aqua Minerale Active conducts running excursions

Together with the sports school I love Supersport, the brand announced the launch of Active Weekends. Training will be held in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan.

A series of running excursions will suit people of any level of training. The organizers have developed 24 running routes, which include more than 40 locations.

During the run, participants will learn how the bridge moved in St. Petersburg, what area in Moscow was considered a foreign ghetto during the time of Ancient Rus, and other facts and stories. Trainers of the I love Supersport school will tell you how to run consciously, why you need to restore the water-salt balance and give recommendations on preparing for marathons.

Aqua Minerale Active conducts running excursions

Photo: Aqua Minerale Press Service

The organizers have prepared the contest "Who is the most Active?" The main prize is a certificate for training in one of the sports schools of the I Love Supersport network. To participate, you need to upload photos from races or training on Instagram under the hashtags #ActiveWeekends and #AquaMineraleActive.

At the end of the race program, representatives of I Love Supersport will determine the winner.

Running excursions will be held on July 28, 29, August 4, 5, 11 and 12.

To participate in Active Weekends you need to register here .



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