Antistress playlist that you can listen to in the car

- I've been driving for a long time. My father has been a driver for more than a dozen years, and I always liked his driving style. He taught me to drive - on the way to the cottage, on the village blurry roads. My first car was the grandfather's “six”. I loved to drive her in high heels - for the chic.

While driving, I like listening to audio books, lectures, or news programs. It’s easier to pass the time in traffic jams. Of course, I try to avoid them and not go on the road during rush hours (fortunately, lifestyle allows).

I love road trips, but on one condition: I’m driving. More on the "six" more than once drove from Yekaterinburg to Omsk.

Now I am traveling with my family in St. Petersburg, Minsk. My dream is to travel by car to the cities of Europe or to the south when my daughter grows up.



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