Anna Orlova: “In the snowboard it is important to be honest with yourself and not build illusions”

By the way, you can meet Anna and chat with her at the upcoming Quiksilver New Star Cam8 sports and music festival in the Rosa Khutor resort. The festival will run from March 30 to April 8.

- My freeride started with a trip to the mountains with friends - there I first rolled to the waist in the snow, rode the first track in the wild and somersaulted through the snowdrifts. At such moments, you simply understand that you are unbelievably blissed by what is happening and forget about all the problems, you live here and now. I never thought to stop doing business that brings so many positive emotions.

My workouts are divided into those that take place on a slope in the winter, and those that take place in the mountains in the summer. In the season, I snowboard almost every day, for five to six hours without a break, depending on snow conditions and weather. I set myself goals aimed at improving weaknesses, plus I try to find new lines and driveways where I mentally immerse myself in the conditions of competition. In the off-season, I train in the mountains, try to run or do tracking every day. If I’m outside the mountains or the weather doesn’t allow, I’m doing a workout on the rug, performing various strength exercises - they allow you to work out all muscle groups.

I do not like the hall, I always do it either on the street, or on the balcony, or at home. I do not have a coach - I independently analyze my riding, physical and emotional state. It is important to be honest with yourself and not to build illusions, this helps in competitions - because the choice of a line is connected with an adequate assessment of your capabilities.

- Now is the height of the competitive season - there are two important stages of the World Cup ahead, on which the next season and the final of the championship depend. All the forces and thoughts are directed there, work is underway on the mistakes and the development of their strengths.

Anna Orlova: “In the snowboard it is important to be honest with yourself and not build illusions”

Photo: Andrey Britanishsky

To become a cool snowboarder, you need to develop everything in a complex - legs, back, abs. Muscles are a natural defense of the body, the stronger they are, the less likely they are to get injured. In addition, endurance is important for freeriding - sometimes you have to go up to the start on foot for a long time and after that you still have to ride your race at maximum. For myself, I divide endurance into two types - snowboard and general. The first type can be developed only if you ride on a board, and ride as much as possible and in harsh conditions (for example, along mounds or on a broken slope).

Total endurance is one that develops through long workouts. For example, with a ten-hour trekking or a long bike ride. It is important to develop it so that the body recovers faster, quickly gets used to prolonged stress. After all, we want to ride all day and every day, an hour of training in the hall will not help here.

It is necessary to monitor your nutrition not only to athletes, but, in principle, to any person who wants to be healthy.

My diet was formed naturally and, of course, it is associated with snowboarding. A good breakfast for me is oatmeal with dried figs or other dried fruits (and then ride all day). A good dinner is pasta with vegetables or spinach (a bite with cheese). Recently, I have become indifferent to meat, I will not say that now I am a vegetarian, but I really rarely eat meat dishes.

Tracking and trailing are the foundation of my offseason.

I am completely immersed in the study of maps and the search for new routes for training. In winter I really miss my hikes and sometimes try to please myself. For example, once in the midst of the winter season I left for Montenegro and walked there in the mountains - this is a cool reboot of the head and an excellent charge of energy.

Anna Orlova: “In the snowboard it is important to be honest with yourself and not build illusions”

Photo: Andrey Britanishsky

I try to devote enough time to rest - this is necessary so that the body does not accumulate fatigue. Yes, sometimes you want to lie in bed all day and do nothing, but it quickly passes (as a rule, then I immediately fly to the slope).

An ideal vacation for me is a walk in the mountains or some interesting trip with friends. I’m not a fan of beach “sleeping outs,” but the beauty of the sea and the ocean fascinates me, I just prefer to admire it from above. Besides sports, I like movies. We can say that I’m a movie fan: watching a good movie with a friend, and then discussing it all evening is the coolest thing.

- For me it is important to see personal growth, progress, and not to rise above someone.

I don’t think that I am the best or the worst - there is always something to strive for. It is necessary to develop oneself not only in sports, but also in a spiritual sense.



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