An action in support of homeless animals will be held in coffee houses in Moscow and St. Petersburg

All proceeds from the sale of promotional drinks will be handed over to ten shelters for homeless animals.

The action will be attended by Surf coffee, a network of coffee bars My, Bloom-n-8ew, "Man and Steamboat", SML deli coffee sho16, coffee house "Round Cat", Coffee Moose, shop and coffee shop "Just Like", "Fresh Room", bar "Peers", "Kutyata Coffee Sho20", 9CUPS, REDO Cold Brew Coffee, Florista Barista, "He is mine", decor and coffee shop Lawanda, Andy Coffee, "Sugar ", Ride the coffee, Coffee Art, Burgers by SillyCat.

The promotion is held for the second time. In August 2019, more than 100 thousand rubles were collected. With this money they bought 500 kg of feed and paid for the treatment of 16 animals.

This time, help will be sent to shelters " Kozhukhovo", "Biryulevo", "Solntsevo", "Rusdog", "Iskra" , "Red Pine", "Beskudnikovo", "Nekrasovka" in Moscow and in two shelters of the Stray Dogs Relief Fund in St. Petersburg.

A map of the institutions and the schedule of their work are on the website of the organizer of the Foundation for the Future!



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