Amnesty of potatoes, bananas and corn: why you should not exclude them from the diet

Ksenia the King

- Let's be honest. The healthy lifestyle industry is big business. To sell new books, programs, and diets, you must constantly invent something. Since it is impossible to "trade" good old exercises and vegetable salad from year to year, we often encounter sensations far-fetched. There are really scientific facts.

For example, we cannot eat chocolate from morning till night without harm to our health; our pancreas simply does not know how to adequately respond to large volumes of free sugars. Nature did not know that one day we will learn how to refine them and add them everywhere. It is clear that excessive consumption of saturated fats found in sausages, lard and sausages, too, can not do us good. Excess cholesterol is deposited on the walls of arteries and leads to atherosclerosis.

But there are products that can be classified as unfairly "convicted.

" Potatoes, bananas, corn - fear of their use is associated with a high glycemic index and an increase in insulin levels. In fact, nutritionists have not looked at the glycemic index for a long time, since there is a more accurate indicator - the glycemic load.

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The glycemic index (GI) is an indicator of how the level of glucose in the blood will change when eating or other carbohydrate product. Pure glucose is taken as the basis, the GI of which is 100.

If you look at the GI table, we will see that corn and milk chocolate have the same glycemic index - 70. It is considered high. But is it possible to put an equal sign between corn and chocolate?

To understand this, we turn to the concept of glycemic load. The indicator is considered as follows: GI is multiplied by the amount of carbohydrates by 100 grams and divided by 100. In corn with its high glycemic index, the glycemic load will be 13.

This is considered a moderate load. And in chocolate the load will be 42. In addition, in corn there is fiber and water, and in chocolate there is only free sugar.

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A similar situation with bananas and potatoes.

However, there is another reason why products such as potatoes, corn, bananas, can not be compared with chocolate and completely excluded from the diet. We are talking about useful and nutritious elements. Bananas and potatoes, especially those cooked in their skins, contain a lot of potassium. It is necessary for normal heart function, regulation of water metabolism and muscle contraction. A lack of potassium leads to drowsiness, weakness, and low blood pressure.

There is a lot of vitamin B6 in corn. It breaks down glycogen, synthesizes hemoglobin and inhibits the desire to kill, burn and scream.

However, one must remember: excessiveness is harmful in everything. Overeating will never have a positive effect on your health. Even if you overeat green salad and chicken breast.

Adequate eating behavior and moderation are the key to well-being, beauty and longevity.



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