American football players create a brand of unisex clothing to combat inequality

The American women's football team is much more successful than the men's, but athletes still earn less than their male counterparts. To recall this injustice, four football players created their own brand that will promote equality.

US national football team players Megan Rapino, Tobin Heath and Kristen Press, as well as former American team player Megan Klingenberg created a lifestyle brand Re-inc. The first T-shirt with the inscription Liberté, égalité, defendez ("Freedom, equality, protection") became available for pre-order on June 5, two days before the start of the World Cup women's football.

The creators of the company are the 2015 World Cup champions.

Re-inc was invented after winning the World Cup. “We became champions, but we were not treated as the best football players in the world. We want to change the paradigm,” says co-founder of Re-inc Kristen Press. The bonus of American women for participating in the World Cup was $ 15,000. Men from the American team received 55,000 each for participating in the 2014 World Cup, although they dropped out at the 1/8 finals.

"Football players always separately classified as “female athletes.” We want to change this course of things, -


brand co-founder Megan Klingenberg, - we we want freedom, we want to fight for something, not against. "

The creators plan to create gender-neutral casual clothes of various sizes - from very small to very large, paying attention to equality and inclusiveness. In the future, the brand is going to produce beauty products and technological accessories.



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