All-Russian rally “HIV test: expedition” will pass through 40 regions of Russia

From June 17 to November 5, 2019 mobile test points - branded white cars with a wide red ribbon and the inscription "HIV test: expedition" - will make stops at railway and bus stations, in front of the trading centers, in parks and squares, in the territories of educational institutions in different cities of Russia. Everyone will be able to quickly (in 15 minutes), anonymously and free of charge, find out their HIV status and get the necessary information about HIV / AIDS, including how not to get infected with the immunodeficiency virus and what to do if it is detected.

During the expedition, educational events will also be held. The purpose of the action is to inform Russians about HIV / AIDS problems, dispel fears and unfounded fears, prevent discrimination against HIV-positive citizens and encourage people to take HIV tests. Tens of thousands of Russians have already passed similar testing during previous campaigns "HIV Test: Expedition".



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