All about how to wash things

As mentioned above, for complete disinfection, you will have to use bleaches. If your task is simply to get rid of pollution and the main part of bacteria, and also to prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor, you can


any powders, gels, capsules and other cleaning products that are suitable for this type of fabric.

Scientists were able to find out that a significant part of the bacteria, which is washed off the clothes during washing, remains in the drum of the washing machine. And under favorable conditions (humidity and heat), it multiplies actively in order to subsequently migrate to the next batch of linen that you load there. Therefore, make a habit after each wash to wipe the drum and the door of the machine, and also leave it open in between washings.

If the machine has a drying function, be sure to use it. For the same reason, you can’t leave the laundry in the drum for a long time after washing, or store the laundry that you are going to wash in it for 24 hours.

Hot drying and iron help fight bacteria. For example, in America, nurses who prefer to wash their uniforms at home rather than in a hospital laundry are advised to dry them in a special machine and then iron them thoroughly.

Another important rule: be sure to wash your hands after you have loaded the dirty laundry into the machine, and even better - do it with gloves.



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