All about how the skin works and what is dangerous for it

The quality of the detergents that we use affect the quality of the skin. Almost all contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) - it greatly dries the skin. A person needs to either select funds for a long time where this substance is not available - they are few, but can still be found - or use moisturizers after washing.

Of the external factors, ultraviolet comes first. From it, the skin loses moisture and elasticity.

It is important to use creams with protective factors of 30 and above. In addition, if a person as a whole leads a healthy lifestyle, his skin is likely to be healthy.

A change in temperature also affects the condition of the skin. As soon as the cold begins, the blood vessels narrow, the performance of the sebaceous glands decreases and various skin irritations occur. It dries from this.

It is necessary to use moisturizing and protective creams - there are those that protect the skin from low temperatures.

The stress and erratic schedule that people with night work or frequent business trips negatively affect. You need to remember: sleep for the body as an update.

Typically, many medicines contain poisons, such as bee or herbal. In small quantities, they are not dangerous.

For women, decorative cosmetics can pose a certain threat, since it blocks sweat glands. Therefore, when it is possible to remove makeup from the face, you need to do it.

Do not forget to clean the air conditioning system. Of course, a lot of exhaust gases and other substances are contained in the environment, but we can not do anything about it. In addition, everyone knows about the need for proper and balanced nutrition.

On the skin, this is strongly reflected. Some peels can renew the skin in a few days. We recommend procedures that protect the skin and help it withstand negative environmental factors.



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