Alexey Smertin: 5 tips for beginner runners

Ex-captain of the Russian national football team and ambassador of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Alexei Smertin tells what is necessary for a good workout, whether you need to buy expensive sneakers and gadgets. He also claims: it’s a pleasure to run (and we agree with him).

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- Be sure to check your heart - it is the load that goes on it first of all.

Of course, you need to visit a therapist too - in order to know for sure that you are healthy and your body is ready for stress.

During training, do not forget to listen to yourself and build on the capabilities of your body: it is important to monitor your well-being and run at a comfortable pulse. Gradually, you can increase the pace or distance, but not all at once.

Alexey Smertin: 5 tips for beginner runners

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To beginners it makes no sense to buy expensive professional shoes that are created specifically for athletes.

I believe that it is enough to choose ordinary soft sneakers with good cushioning, in which it will be nice to run your first kilometers.

Don’t think about clothes, this is secondary. You just need to dress according to the weather - that's enough.

Alexey Smertin: 5 tips for beginner runners

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I I can not do without a sports watch and a heart rate monitor.

For the most part, I focus on the speed with which I run a kilometer, so I need a watch. Controlling your heart rate and running speed are important conditions for a good and safe workout.

Someone uses mobile applications and monitors calories, someone uses a pedometer - this is someone you like.

Alexey Smertin: 5 tips for beginner runners

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В Depending on the specifics of the training, the distance and speed vary, and with them the choice of site.

During preparation for the marathon, I always alternate interval, pace and recovery runs, so my routes are different. I run intervals at the stadium in Luzhniki, and the rest of the time I train in the Neskuchny Garden or along the Moskva River embankment - it’s convenient territorially and brings aesthetic pleasure.

As for the soil or asphalt, I don’t see much difference, especially for a beginner and in the right shoes. Most importantly, running must be a pleasure.

Alexey Smertin: 5 tips for beginner runners

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Recovery - A necessary stage of training. Therefore, in my opinion, there is no need to run every day, if this is not preparation for the marathon, although even there should be days of rest. It is very important not to overtraining from the habit, especially for people who are not used to feeling sorry for themselves and are familiar with serious physical exertion, for example, professional athletes. It was like that with me - I didn’t give my body rest during the preparation for the marathon, as a result there was a terrible general fatigue that slowed down the whole process.

You need to listen to your body, know its capabilities and run in pleasure.

Alexey Smertin: 5 tips for beginner runners



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