After Black Friday: 6 cool beauty gadgets with good discounts

Somewhere the Black Friday promotion has already ended, and on the

FOREO brand website

it continues (and will end on November 30). There you can buy famous face brushes (you probably saw them on Instagram more than once by bloggers), unusual face masks and modern toothbrushes.

So, for real beautygolics and only from November 23 to 30, the FOREO brand will make discounts up to 30% on their bestsellers on the

official site.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to evaluate brand technology and buy your favorite gadgets, including LUNA series brushes (by the way, they are bought every three seconds around the world).

After Black Friday: 6 cool beauty gadgets with good discounts

Best seller of the FOREO brand.

This is more than just a face wash gadget.


is the revolutionary advanced T-Sonic ™ sonic brush for cleansing the face and anti-aging massage. One side of LUNA 2 is designed for thorough and gentle cleansing, and the other, ribbed, for anti-age massage and elasticity.

LUNA 2 technology has no analogues - thorough cleaning is guaranteed by T-Sonic ™ sound pulsations, which are transmitted through bristles made of soft hypoallergenic silicone. LUNA 2 removes dead skin cells, make-up residues, dirt and sebum and improves the absorption of skin care products.

After Black Friday: 6 cool beauty gadgets with good discounts

Using the reverse ribbed side, LUNA 2 provides professional anti-aging massage which is comparable to the effect of visiting a beautician. T-Sonic ™ Low Frequency Ripples affect and relax wrinkled areas. This helps prevent wrinkles.

LUNA 2 is a great investment in personal care. There is no need to change the brush head, it does not require a bulky docking station (it is charged via a USB port), one charge of the device is enough for 450 sessions of use.

Lightweight and fully waterproof brush ideal for use in the bath and shower.

The model is presented in four delicate shades for each skin type.

After Black Friday: 6 cool beauty gadgets with good discounts

This facial cleansing brush is a favorite of beauty bloggers around the world. Stylish, bright

LUNA mini 2

not only looks cool and can decorate any selfie in the bathroom, it is effective, despite its compactness, deeply and gently cleanses pores of skin oil and makeup residues, as a result, the face "freshens". LUNA mini 2 is available in six chic colors - from classic black to unusual aquamarine.

After Black Friday: 6 cool beauty gadgets with good discounts

The main novelty of this year is the world's first

“smart” face mask UFO


UFO mini

, controlled by the mobile application. It resembles a UFO and provides “space” skin care.

This innovative beauty device combines the latest skin care technology and the formulas of Korean face masks and provides a relaxing effect that you can enjoy anytime you have 90 seconds free.

UFO's Hy131er-Infusion technology utilizes the skin's natural responses to heat and cold, and T-Sonic pulsations provide the maximum effect from every mask application. In fact, the UFO mask works like LED therapy (LED therapy): there is no pain, no UV radiation, but there are red, green and blue LED wavelengths that have a rejuvenating effect.

After Black Friday: 6 cool beauty gadgets with good discounts

You no longer have to wait 20 minutes for the fabric mask to work . Enough 90 seconds using the latest UFO technology.

Another feature of UFO: this is the first mask that is controlled through a mobile application for iOS and Android. Choose one of seven UFO-activated masks depending on the desired effect (moisturizing, skin matting, radiance and others), activate the desired mode in the application and enjoy.

UFO differs from UFO mini in that it has a cooling function.

Designed exclusively for the flagship model, the cryotherapy regimen will help reduce pore visibility and relieve swelling. No need to cool skin care products in the freezer - the UFO is instantly cooled with the touch of a button.

After Black Friday: 6 cool beauty gadgets with good discounts

Who is inspired by the monotonous brushing of teeth with ordinary brushes? FOREO offers you to diversify your morning. Sonic toothbrushes



ISSA mini 2

are designed for modern oral care. These brushes are not only stylish and effective, but also durable - they can be taken with you even on a short space expedition (by the way, ISSA 2 appeared in one of the Star Track episodes).

So, one ISSA 2 charge is enough for 365 days, and ISSA mini 2 - for 265.



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