Aerial gymnastics school “Trapeze Actual” began to cooperate with PUMA

The trapezium aerial gymnastics school opened in Moscow in May 2016. For the second summer season, she has been working in the central part of Gorky Park. The main direction of the school is performing gymnastic tricks in the air. Both professionals and beginners can fly on a circus structure 10 meters high: even children from four years old are allowed on the site.

In the framework of the new partnership with PUMA, all school employees, from administrators to instructors, will be dressed in the form of a sports brand.

For training on the trapeze, PUMA has compiled special kits for men and women. In addition, now the students of the Trapeze Actual school will be able to use the free kit if they come to training without sportswear.

Until September 20, visitors to the Trapeze Actual school have a 15% discount on the Tra18eze promo code for all new products for


PUMA (except for RS, MCM, Outlaw, Thunder and discounted collections).

You can learn more about the school and sign up for training on the official website .



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