adidas Originals has created a community of night creators

Night creators will be invited on April 27 to the party in honor of the opening of the Mutabor club and cultural space. Pianist Cyril Richter, together with artificial intelligence, will create a musical canvas in real time. Another party will be held at Mutabor on May 11th.

The exhibition of the Berlin photographer Misha Fanhenel Blurred live, performance, exhibition will open in the city on April 18 with the participation of the System 108 team. Photos from a series blurred made in an urban landscape at night.

And on April 20 , participants in the community will be able to attend a special screening of the story-telling play “Who Killed Anna” by graduates of Dmitry Brusnikin’s workshop. The show will take place at night in the waiting room of the Riga Station.

The author of the telegram channel "Moscow. Details" prepared for night creators a special route through Moscow at night, which will help to see the city from unusual angles. Service Progoolka created a special audio performance, offering to come up with their own rules of the night.

The e-sports championship will take place on April 19 and 26 at the computer club Cobra Game House. Owners of the NITE JOGGER ID will be able to compete with world eSports stars in the discipline CS: GO: Denis seized Kostin and Gambit team member Mikhail dosia Stolyarov.



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