Actress Gal Gadot Becomes Reebok Ambassador

Commenting on the choice of Gal Gadot as ambassador, Reebok Vice President Todd Krinsky noted: "believes that the human potential is unlimited, and actively cooperate with women who prefer to act rather than stand still. " According to Krinsky , Gadot, whose "firmness of spirit and natural leadership has already subdued millions of people", can become an example and a source of inspiration for girls around the world.

In 2017, the actress and model Nina Dobrev joined the Reebok team, which became the face of the new technological collection Reebok x Les Mills , and singer Ariana Grande . This season, the heroines of the new campaign "Classics. Forever" were model Gigi Hadid and singer Teyana Taylor, and in Russia the actress starred in the lookbook of the main campaign "Life is in Motion" Ravshan Kurkov .



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