Actor from Game of Thrones: men are also forced to lose weight for roles

In an interview with Vogue, Madden said that the entertainment industry exerts the same pressure on men as it does on women, and makes them lose weight in the same way for the sake of the movie: “This happens not only with women. With men it happens all the time. " According to the actor, he was often forced to “lose weight and go to the gym” during filming, and in the frame he had to wear tight-fitting suits, which they shook hard.

"We project a very unrealistic image of the body. I have friends actors.

After we eat a little, practice twice a day, without complaining, we look at each other and say:" We just doing this ****** [bullshit], but we are against. "

Richard Madden is known for his role as Rob Stark in Game of Thrones, the prince in Cinderella "and the main role in the British series" The Bodyguard ". Recently, Madden played in a biopic about Elton John" Rocketman. Madden played the role of former manager and partner Elton John. In order for the film to receive lower age rating, the creators had to censor the bed scene between Madden and actor Theron Edgerton , who plays Elton John.

The film will be released worldwide in May 2019.



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