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Busuanga Palawan Philippines
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Island Hopping, Busuanga Palawan is composed of numerous islands and islets characterized by a limestone base. These unique island formations offer a spectacular island hopping trip for tourists.

Diving & Snorkeling, a fabulous reef and wreck areas around Busuanga Palawan offers a diverse underwater world to be explored by divers and snorkellers alike. Reef areas with diverse and unique coral formations are found in abundance. Japanese warships sunk during the end of World War II, and almost in pristine condition, offer world class wreck diving to diver’s wanting to experience a little bit of history.

Wildlife Ecotourism, a 279 bird species have been recorded in Palawan, endemic mammals like the Palawan Stink Badger, Palawan Tree Shrew and the Palawan Porcupine can also be found in the area. With the diverse number of species in the area, much can be offered to wildlife enthusiasts.

Busuanga Rivers and Mangroves.

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