Active lifestyle significantly reduces life expectancy

The Institute of North Essex summed up a large-scale study in which more than 950 thousand people took part. Scientists have been monitoring the health status of participants for 80 years. During this time, they found that a mobile lifestyle is directly associated with an increased risk of early death. It turned out that those who played sports for more than 50 minutes a week and ate consciously, after a few years began to complain of poor health, drowsiness, apathy, back pain and shortness of breath. Until the end of the study, only smoking participants survived, who spent most of the time on the couch.

As one of the authors of the study says, an active lifestyle, competent diet organization and giving up bad habits require too much effort. "A person spends energy on playing sports, visiting museums, soaking quinoa at night. As a result, the resources to live long are simply not enough. If you want to celebrate a century, move as little as possible."

In conclusion to the study, scientists marked out recommendations that will help significantly reduce risks.

Here are the most important points:

Despite the serious evidence base, we do not recommend immediately switching to a sedentary (or rather lying) lifestyle. First, consult with specialists - my mother’s friend, a popular blogger and a neighbor from the fifth entrance.



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