A six-year-old boy from Ingushetia broke a record for push-ups

Ibrahim Lyanov set two records for push-ups from the floor. He squeezed 3,720 times in two hours and 4,445 times in one set.

Records were recorded by Andrei Lobkov, the chief expert of the Russian Book of Records of the Fitness category, TASS reports.

Ibrahim lives in the village of Novy Redant of the Malgobek district of Ingushetia. Every day he goes to trainings at a local sports complex and goes to a sports club in Nazran two more times a week.

His father taught him to push ups.

Photo: Ingushetia Ministry of Sports

Several records are now entered in the Russian Book of Records by the number of push-ups in different age categories. Ibrahim set records in his age category - among six-year-old boys.



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