A set of exercises for morning exercises in two versions

A set of exercises for morning exercises is recommended to be performed daily. Naturally, there can be no coercion here, but then you will understand why this is vital.

A set of exercises for morning exercises in two versions

Modern lifestyle and the need for movement

Today, many are paying too much an insignificant part of the life of one’s physical activity. A modern person spends every day sitting, lying, or in different combinations of these two poses. As a rule, this is due to the peculiarities of their work or hobby.

For example, a sound engineer is forced to spend an entire working day in an armchair. A writer sits at a laptop most of the time. And about the employees of numerous offices and say no. It seems to be okay, but let's see what a sedentary lifestyle leads to:

  • Prostatitis in men.
  • Hemorrhoids in both men and women.

  • Problems with the spine, back pain, pinched nerves and a lot of discomfort in life with active movements.
  • A stroke of the brain.
  • Problems with the cardiovascular system, pressure surges, hypertension syndrome. The list goes on.

The heart ceases to function normally, after which the vital volume of the lungs decreases, the brain gradually loses its former functional acuity, and the muscles lose strength and accuracy of movements.

The body ages faster. Physical activity is a kind of panacea.

Note that not every physical activity is useful and not every day. There is work that is considered difficult - this is the work of movers, when you need to carry something along the whole shift, move it. There is already a deterioration of the human body, which also leads to premature aging.

And there is healing physical activity - this is morning exercises, amateur sports (gym, soccer, tennis and everything else that is done at your own pleasure).

The minimum that can be done for your health is charging.

The benefits of morning exercises and why they should be done in the mornings

Good news:

  1. A cheerfulness charge and the opportunity for the whole body to effectively "wake up" every day.
  2. Preparation of the body for operation after sleep.
  3. Acceleration of blood throughout the body, prevention of its congestion, aeration of the lungs.

  4. Maintaining body flexibility.
  5. Slight muscle tone maintenance (it all depends on the degree of difficulty of charging).

Most people wake up in the morning. They get up and pour themselves coffee every day, using caffeine to raise blood pressure in the body. For our body, this is stress.

Therefore, it is often said that excessive consumption of coffee can lead to unpleasant consequences. In addition, getting used to coffee, a person needs a stronger stimulus and begins to consume energy drinks. Goodbye heart!

Charging for every day much more effectively raises the pressure, and in a gentle mode.

Actually, that's why exercises are known as a morning exercise complex, because they are done almost immediately after sleep. However, one should know that hard training after waking up is not recommended, since the body is still "sleepy" and the metabolic processes in it are too slow.

Charging complexes

Training frequency

So, such an easy complex of physical exercises should be done every day after sleep in the morning. It is not recommended to do exercises after eating, when stretching the muscles. If you play sports, you can do without charging, as it is replaced by your regular workouts, maintaining a good muscle condition.

It is not recommended to start the complex at the same moment as soon as you open your eyes. It’s necessary to recover a little.

Sit, sit for about 1-2 minutes, then you can start charging.

Since the level of preparation of different people is different, the complex of physical exercises is divided into 2 complexes: for beginners and for people with little training. We will call them the first and second level, respectively.

Any set of morning exercises begins with a warm-up, this applies to both levels.


The warm-up will consist in bringing the joints and tendons to working condition:

  1. We stood upright, feet shoulder-width apart.

    Slowly rotate the head 10 times in one direction and 10 times in the other.

  2. Then we tilt the head to the right and left, forward and backward 2-3 times, pull the muscles.
  3. We do circular movements with the shoulders, in the same way - 10 times in both directions. Then we make 2-3 stretching movements up, down, back and forth.
  4. Now rotate with outstretched arms in both directions at the same time.

    10 times.

  5. Next, do the same with the bend of the elbows. We twist our hands as it is more convenient.
  6. Kneading brushes - make circular movements.
  7. Hands rest on the sides, make circular movements of the pelvis 10 times in each direction.

  8. We rest against the wall with our hand and perform 10 rotational movements in each direction with the leg bent at the knee. We try with each swing to increase the radius of the circle.
  9. Raise the leg so that the distance from the sock to the floor is about 10 cm. We draw a circle on the floor with the toe extended to the floor due to movement in the knee.
  10. Then we do the same, but with the help of the ankle, and in the knee the leg is motionless.

That's it, the warm-up is over. In time, it can take 3-5 minutes.

First level exercises

Exercises for morning exercises of the first level are suitable for people of older age groups and people with poor physical fitness:

  1. We do forward bends, trying to get our hands on the floor on outstretched legs. This is a back muscle training.
  2. We raise the legs bent at the knees upwards, imitating a step with a high knee lift - training the front muscles of the legs and the press.

  3. We overlap the heels back, remaining in one place - training the back muscles of the legs and buttocks.
  4. We take the leg to the side and back - training the lateral muscles of the legs.
  5. We do leg swings back and forth, each time trying to wave a foot at a greater distance.
  6. We lie down on the fitness mat. Hands behind the head, we lift the legs bent at the knees alternately: right-left, right-left.

    This is a training of abdominal muscles.

  7. Grasp the knees with your hands, pressing them to the chest, and try to ride on the spine bent into an arc. Try to ride along the sides of your spine - there are muscles. On the vertebral bodies themselves, of course, it is better not to ride.
  8. Roll over on your stomach, put your hands on the floor and, pressing the basin to the floor, straighten your hands.

    Your body will rise up, look at the ceiling, with your head as far back as possible. This is a stretch after working with the press.

  9. Tear off the pelvis from the floor and lift it to the ceiling, the angle between the body and legs in the pelvic area will become straight (in the prone position it equals 180 degrees). In this case, the core muscles are trained.

Each exercise related to swings or other movements must be done 10 times for each part of the body.

Charging completed. Charging time is 10-15 minutes.

Charge of the second level

This option will give energy and warm in a cold winter morning:

  1. The first exercise - as in the previous version.
  2. Squat with arms raised forward - 10-15 times.
  3. Free push-ups - 10-15 times.

  4. Bending the trunk from a prone position - 10 times.
  5. Lifting the legs from a prone position to the press - 10 times.
  6. Bridge - 20-30 seconds.
  7. Bar - 60 seconds.
  8. Running on the spot - 20-30 seconds.

  9. Jumping on toes - 20-30 seconds.
  10. Restore breathing.

Then you need to go to the shower. Who is tempered - very good to pour cold water. The rest is enough for an ordinary warm shower.

Over time, you will notice that you no longer need coffee in the morning. By the way, you can come up with your own set of exercises for morning exercises.

If you are too lazy to exercise every day, do it every other day or 5 times a week. But it is better to develop a stable and strong habit of waking up with thoughts of charging.

There are many different complexes, for example, in the practice of yoga ("5 Tibetans" and so on), which are also well suited for morning exercises.

Someone just needs to stretch in the morning, someone does stretching after preheating. Someone performs 50 push-ups as soon as they fall from the bed to the floor. Each has its own approach.

It is best to do exercises in the fresh air in combination with a jog. Or just go to the gym three times a week.

This is a good alternative, but in the morning it will not help to wake up. Therefore, no one canceled the charge!

A set of exercises for morning exercises in two versions



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