A series of trail races will be held in Krasnaya Polyana

All three races start in Krasnaya Polyana and pass through the surrounding mountains. AlpIndustria holds night trails regularly; each participant receives a headlamp for rent before starting. The height difference at a distance of 10 km will be 300 meters, the travel time limit is 2.5 hours.

Skyrace with a length of 35 km is the first official race to Mount Achishkho with a climb of 2,900 m, the travel time limit is 10.

5 hours. Each Skyrace finisher will receive 2 ITRA points (International Trailing Runner Association. - Approx. Ed.) .

Skymarathon - a race for experienced trail runners. Its length is 50 km, and the height difference is 3,800 m. Skymarathon ITRA rated 4 points, you need to finish in 11.5 hours.

You can participate in Night Trail from the age of 14 (up to 18 years old - with parental permission).

Runs at 35 and 50 km are qualifying for further participation in the UTMB ultramarathon series.

Along with this, Skyrace is the Sochi Open Mountaineering Championship in the Skyrunning Race discipline, and Skymarathon is the Skyrunning Marathon discipline.

You can learn more about the races on the official website .



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