A series about a guy with prostheses of arms and legs goes on TNT. Watch an inspirational video about the prototype of the protagonist of the series

Voronezh Konstantin Deblikov lost two hands after an accident in 2014 and now wears bionic prostheses. In 2017, scriptwriter Nikolai Kulikov contacted Deblikov and talked about the idea of ​​making a series about a man with such features. The writers wanted to achieve maximum realism on the screen, so it was important for them to find out how a person with prostheses lives in Russia. Deblikov advised the scriptwriters during the writing of the script, and later on the set acted as an understudy actor Alexander Paly on close-ups. Deblikov also participated in the creation of a poster for the series: with his bionic hand, he wrote the slogan - "You can do anything.

" Like the protagonist of the series, Deblikov proves that you can live a full life, no matter what.

According to the plot of the series "Tolya-robot", the hero loses his legs and arms, but this makes his life only more active: he fights with housing and communal services, fights for love and takes kittens from the trees. The series was directed by Alexey Nuzhny, who had previously shot such films as "I'm losing weight," "Handsfree" and "New Fir-trees." The critic Yegor Moskvitin, who has already watched the series at the Moscow International Film Festival, calls him the main premiere of this season.



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