A resident of Votkinsk (Udmurtia) covered more than 123 kilometers per day

Mikhail is vice president of the Nordic Walking Federation. Participating in a solitary 24-hour marathon, he decided by personal example to introduce everyone to this type of activity. "I am pleased with my result. I did not set myself the task of breaking the national record. I had one goal: promoting a healthy lifestyle and active longevity.

By my own example. Those who once picked up Nordic walking poles can easily reach long distances strength. Of course, if you exercise regularly, "says Mikhail.

Mikhail and other athletes started on May 18 at ten in the morning. The next day, May 19, a city festival of Nordic walking was held in the city as part of the Year of Health and World Nordic Walking Day.

According to the head of Votkinsk, Alexei Zametayev, about 7,000 people are engaged in Nordic walking in the city.



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