A new type of cyclic training appeared in the World Class fitness clubs

Cycling is one of the best fat-burning group programs. Classes on cycling simulators improve the cardiovascular system and increase endurance.

Cycles for ICG Color Cycle have the most accurate computers on the market that measure the athlete’s power. Depending on this data and heart rate, which are recorded in real time, the optimal load is determined. For ease of perception, the degree of permissible complexity of the workout is indicated by the color: white, blue, green, yellow or red.

These colors are displayed on the front panel, and they are seen by a trainer who adjusts the load individually for each participant in the lesson.

Workout is suitable for people with any level of physical fitness and helps burn up to 500 calories per lesson. The results are recorded in the ICG Training application. In it, you can configure the bike for yourself.

Workouts are available at the fitness clubs World Class Metropolis, Vorobyovy Gory, Tricolor, Kashirsky "," Zhitnaya "," Kuntsevo "and" Tula ".



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