A film about surfing “Soul of the Wave” will be shown in Moscow

A picture about surfing on big waves will be shown on the big screen on June 13 at the Digital Business Space cinema.

The documentary film "The Soul of the Wave" (Vague a l'ame) takes viewers to the crest of a twenty-meter wave Jows , on spot Nazar and to the giant ice waves of the Irish Mallamore. Director Vincent Kardasik watches how surfers Shane Dorian, Benjamin Sanchis and Justin Bekre conquer crazy waves on the most dangerous surf spots in the world.

The Billabong Adventure Division team began filming in Nazar, where Benjamin “Sancho” Sanchis conquered the biggest wave on the spot. This wave nearly killed him, but brought the WSL (World Surf League) award in the XL Wi35eout nomination of the year.

“We started and finished the film in Nazar,” says Sanchis, “the first time I experienced a severe wipeout (hard fall from surf. - Approx. Ed. ). We returned a few years later, and I successfully caught one of the biggest waves in my life.

There are downs and ups in the film. There is joy, a feeling of brotherhood between surfers, and there are hard lessons that I had to get alone. "

"Soul waves "is an open story about what the conquest of the most huge waves on the planet actually requires. This is an inside look at the pain, doubt and fear that accompany athletes along the way.

"My goal was to show what happens behind the scenes of such stories," says director Vincent Kardasik, "why are these people ready to go around the world in search of their own wave? What drives them is passion , money, thirst for rewards or ambition? In “Soul of the Wave" I wanted to show the world of these people.

This movie is not only about surfing - it is rather an attempt to capture the incredible waves and incomparable emotions that hit over the edge in such travels. "

A film about surfing “Soul of the Wave” will be shown in Moscow

Photo: Billabong

The Russian premiere of the film will take place on June 13 at 19:30 in the cinema "Digital Business Space". The tickets for the first session have already ended, but there are still places for the second show on June 13 at 21:30. You can buy a ticket on the




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