A climber from Nepal climbed all eight-thousanders of the world in record time

Nirmal Purzha broke a series of ascents into three stages: on April 23 of this year he climbed Annapurna Mountain (8091 m), on May 12 - Dhaulagiri (8167 m), on May 15 - Kanchenjungu (8586 m), 22 May - the highest mountain in the world Everest (8848 m). On the same day, ten hours later, Nirmal Purzha successfully stormed the peak of Lhotse (8516 m), and on May 24 - Makalu (8485 m).

The second phase included ascents in Pakistan and Karakoram: on July 3, the climber went up to Nangaparbat (8125 m), on July 15 - to Gasherbrum I (8080 m), on July 18 - to Gasherbrum II (8035 m). The Pakistani stage of climbing to the peak of Chogori (K2, 8611 m), which is considered the most difficult to conquer in the world (yes, more difficult than Everest) and Broad Peak (8051 m), on July 24 and 26, respectively, was completed.

Already on September 23, the Nepalese ascended Cho Oyu (8 201 m) and Manasla (8156 m).

The climber conquered the last peak of Shishabangma (8027 m) in the morning of October 29, setting a new world record. All eight-thousanders of the world submitted to the extreme for 6 months and 6 days.

Climbing at an altitude of over eight thousand meters is dangerous to human health and life due to the low oxygen content in the air, extremely low temperatures - up to -50 ° C - and a gale.

The conquest of all eight-thousanders is considered the highest achievement in mountaineering. So far, 39 climbers have managed to do this (some climbed with oxygen, some without it).

Nirmal Purge


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