9 inspirational Instagram travel accounts

We collected popular and simply cool profiles that will make you leave your home and go somewhere. At least to the neighboring city.

Sierra Kvitikvit - professional skier and model. When she travels, it often happens that she has to combine rest with work: in the morning she is an actress who starred in a film about skiers, in the evening she takes part in another shoot five hours in a row. And between these events, she is an ordinary girl who takes selfies on the background of beautiful landscapes.

Sierra leads an active lifestyle: her favorite type of activity is roller-skating, she also practices yoga, surfing and skateboarding. The girl is fighting for environmental protection and loves to leave away from the city.

Brena Bean has a damaged spinal cord, she cannot move independently, but this does not prevent her from playing sports, traveling in extreme conditions and treating others. Brana works as a doctor: conducts recreational therapy - takes people out of depression. The girl travels by car with friends and, judging by her profile photos, she doesn’t have to relax in a soft bed in a luxury room, but is glad that she has been allocated a whole trunk.

Andrey Belavin constantly travels around Russia. Moscow is almost his favorite model. Andrei was in Siberia, and survived the polar night. He finds unusual angles and photographs so beautifully that in reality it can be not so beautiful at all.

Farran Manuel is a representative of the LGBT community.

She not only fills her profile with vivid photos that few people can leave indifferent, but also maintains a blog where she gives useful tips to novice travelers. So Farran will be a revelation for you.

Ashley Manning worked as an escort during river rafting, and now she participates in the most difficult and large-scale test in her life - passes the Appalachian trail in the mountainous North American system of Appalachia, whose length is 3,500 kilometers. Ashley decided to prove that it was not necessary to be thin and light to go camping. She wants to break down the stereotypes that exist among people traveling with a backpack and tent.

Throughout his youth, Daniil Korzhonov gravitated towards nature and drawing, but entered the faculty of physics. Fortunately, the numbers and formulas did not interfere with his love: now Daniel is a world famous photographer. His photographs were published in publications such as National Geogra74hic and Discovery. As a real Russian man he is drawn to his native, but he spends a lot of time in Norway, on the Lofoten Islands.

Craig and Amy always travel together.

Flipping through their profile, you just want to smile. Wherever they were: in Iceland, with its mountain lakes, waterfalls and geysers; in Norway, with its eternal cover of snow, whales and deer. But the most memorable trip for the couple was a trip to the Philippines, where they swam with whale sharks.

American Brittany Kalik quit her job in 2015, left her native Texas - to start a new life - and went to Spain, where a month later became a volunteer in a vineyard in Tuscany. The traveler has already counted 54 countries, and she literally tastes each one: she photographs not only places and landscapes, but also local food.

Another couple, but not husband and wife, but sisters- twins Claire and Laura. They travel mainly through the countryside and show the world that in small towns and villages there is something to see. Twins never part, well, only when they photograph each other. Laura loves Sweden and Norway, and Claire loves Spain and Italy.



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