9 eco-gifts to a person who cares about the planet

Visit Zero Waste stores to find an alternative to disposable items. For example, camping dishes can be not only made of plastic, but also made of metal, bamboo, coconut. Add to the set of forks, spoons, knives, cutting boards and cloth napkins for everyday use straws made of glass or silicone. Travelers will definitely like the latter - the flexible version of disposable plastic straws will not break in a suitcase.

Strong and capacious shopping bags confidently crowd out plastic bags.

Unusual eco bags with stylish prints, recycled bottle bags, practical and stylish shopping bags, trolley bags are suitable for shopping, traveling or walking around the city. A gift that will definitely not gather dust on a shelf!

Let's calculate: on average, a person drinks two liters of water per day, equivalent to four half-liter plastic bottles - or 1,440 bottles a year! Using a reusable container will help protect the planet from debris.

A great gift would be a bottle of metal or glass, with a bright design and a convenient lid, so that you could use the bottle even during sports. Travelers will love the reusable bottle options with integrated filters for water purification.

There are so many people on the street with disposable cups in their hands - you will probably meet them on the way to work, in the office and for a walk.

Most of these cups are not recycled. A coffee mug or a compact thermos will be an additional step towards conscious consumption.

In addition, reusable glasses are stronger, keep the drink hot longer, which is especially true in the cold season.

Pens are one of the most demanded office supplies: without them it is difficult to imagine an office employee, doctor or teacher. And throw them away too often.

Choose stationery from wood, bioplastics and recycled materials - a thoughtful gift will make a pleasant impression to the smallest detail.

Switching to “solid” shampoos, unpacked shower gels and organic cosmetics significantly reduces the use of plastic. " Solid" cosmetics differ in natural composition, preservatives are absent or are used minimally. And also such cosmetics are spent sparingly, it is convenient to take on trips.

Ornaments made from natural materials became a trend that designers immediately supported.

For the manufacture of eco-jewelry, wood, rubber, pearls and natural stones are used. As a gift to friends who care about the environmental situation in the world, you can buy wooden accessories: glasses, butterflies and even watches.

We are sure: the book is the best gift. Here are just making paper books begins with the destruction of trees. Give your friends an unlimited subscription to electronic or audio books - the second option is suitable for those who have no time to read.

Your friends will be able to listen to books in the car, in the subway, in the gym or at home.

9 eco-gifts to a person who cares about the planet

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Paraffin candles emit toxic substances during combustion: benzene and toluene. Candles can also contain various chemical additives, dyes, perfumes. Eco-candles are made from natural beeswax or vegetable wax.

Such candles are scented with natural oils and are safe for humans.



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