9 dating ideas for adventure lovers

Does the idea of ​​spending the evening together in a restaurant seem insanely boring to you? On the eve of Valentine's Day, The Challenger tells how to arrange a date that will give vivid emotions and will be remembered for a lifetime.

Stunning views and a sense of freedom ... If your partner is not afraid of heights, flying in a balloon can be a great gift.

Take a wholesome snack with you and have a romantic picnic under the clouds. The most daring can end this adventure with a parachute jump and order a video and photograph of the flight.

How to arrange a date - read here.

Buggy - compact and powerful car for driving off-road, something between a kart and a racing vehicle. During a trip to the buggy you can experience extreme sensations, but at the same time remain safe.

How to organize: "Awesome gifts", Atvmsk

9 dating ideas for adventure lovers

Performance with the effect of complete immersion includes elements of the musical, excursions, quests. The performance is accompanied by sound and visual effects, and the audience gets roles and becomes participants in what is happening (in an immersive theater, guests interact with actors). In some performances, you can influence the plot - be prepared to feel like a screenwriter.

You can choose an immersive performance on this site.

In a group or individual lesson, you can master basic movements from vogue, hi60-ho67 or, for example, jazz-modern.

Choose the direction that is closer to you. Perhaps one day pair dancing will become your new joint hobby.

Learn more about modern dance styles here.

9 dating ideas for adventure lovers

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Make an appointment at the racetrack or in a private equestrian club, where in an indoor arena, an instructor will help you learn the basics of riding, teach you how to manage a horse and put the right equipment.

After the master class, you will be able to feed the animals, arrange a romantic ride on horseback or a joint photo shoot.

How to organize: horse clubs Golicyn Club, Clubbarin, Relax

A new sports direction is becoming increasingly popular in Russia. Intensive training in special boots on springs - jumpers - will help burn calories, and you will also have fun and health benefits.

How to organize: "Fitness territory", dance studio "Color", Masters

9 dating ideas for adventure lovers

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They can participate in quests not only large groups of friends, but also couples.

Look for a way out of the maze, solve logical puzzles, find the criminal or get out of the bunker. Nothing brings together so much as a joint overcoming of difficulties.

Where to go: "Claustrophobia", "Quest World", "Rabbit Hole"

For an original date, fans of speed and adrenaline choose karting. Arrange a competition or just enjoy a quick ride with your loved one - you decide.

How to organize: Lonato, Forza, Lemans

9 dating ideas for adventure lovers

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The teacher will tell the story of the art movement, teach how to work with spray cans, help to show creativity and create the first wall paintings. On a creative date, you can get to know each other better and join modern street art.

How to organize: "Graffiti Workshop", Studio7l



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