8 ways to stay clean without soap and water

In an age when everyone takes a shower twice a day, simply turning off the water in the apartment is already a mini-disaster. And far from civilization or on long trips, the issue of preserving cleanliness arises more than ever. We will tell you how to refresh yourself with improvised means.

A favorite product of beauty bloggers will really help between flights or in cases when you need to look presentable in the morning and leave the crane only air. Dry shampoos come in two forms: in sprays or in powder.

Both those and others need to be applied to the hair roots, spread with your hands, wait a couple of minutes and then comb out carefully so that there are no white marks. In addition, they add volume to the hair. Increasingly, they are used in everyday life to wash their hair less and save water:

according to marketing research, by 2022 the market for dry shampoos will expand by another 6%

. If there is no dry shampoo in your home,

you can replace it with baby powder or soda

. It will be more difficult to comb out, but it will be possible to remove excess sebum.

8 ways to stay clean without soap and water

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They will help to quickly refresh themselves if wiped with them areas where bacteria usually accumulate: armpits, feet, groin. For intimate hygiene, doctors advise children more than specialized ones. If you are a little lucky and there is still water, but there is no way to take a shower, you can moisten a towel and wipe it with your body.

Coconut, olive, almond, castor and even sunflower oil Perfectly cope with any makeup (with waterproof too), as well as clean the pores and moisturize the skin.

They can be used to soak cotton pads (it’s lucky if you have them), or they can be applied directly to the face and massaged to clean the skin.

This method of facial cleansing, by the way, is gaining popularity.

Vegetable oils act as widely used hydrophilic oils: they dissolve fat and impurities. True, washing them off without water and soap will not work: you can only get the excess wet with a dry cloth and leave it overnight.

8 ways to stay clean without soap and water

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If fate has thrown you to where there is no water, soap and deodorant, but there is apple cider vinegar, firstly, this is a very strange place, secondly, take vinegar, test it on a small area of ​​the skin, and if there is no reaction, apply it to the armpits as a deodorant. It will kill bacteria and relieve unpleasant odors.

Simply dressing in clean clothes made of breathable materials may delay the need for water treatments until end of the day. Naturalness is important here: you will feel much more confident in cotton underwear than in synthetic. The same goes for the rest of the garment.

8 ways to stay clean without soap and water

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It’s basically just a loading dose of alcohol in gel form, and we would not recommend using them to cleanse the skin daily. But in situations where you urgently need to clean your hands, feet and any parts of the body outside the mucous membranes, they can help.

If you find yourself somewhere without a toothbrush and toothpaste, hold out until the nearest supermarket and sinks will help you with solid vegetables and fruits. They will clean their teeth and slightly refresh their breath, but, of course, will not replace a full brushing.



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