8 Russian brands of clothes that you will like

Tired of the mass market? Do not know where to look for stylish and unusual things? In this material, we have collected eight classy Russian brands that make beautiful and original clothes for every taste. It can be in the office, and for a walk, and for a date, and, of course, for a party.

Powder shades and interesting silhouettes


will captivate fans of the basic and unusual clothes. The brand was founded by two girls, Alisa Ushakova and Nino Shamatava (hence the name - a combination of two names). The brand’s arsenal includes an gender collection, female turbaned tights, flesh-colored trench coats, and more recently, a men's collection inspired by the free style of Europeans.

Ushatava showrooms are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Yekaterinburg.

Not so long ago in a coat of the St. Petersburg brand


sported a good half of the Russian instagram. Outerwear pleases to this day, however now in a line of a brand blouses, trousers and dresses of a minimalistic cut have appeared.

Literally in every design variant you can feel the spirit of the Northern capital: elegant and strict jackets of a man's cut will warm you during walks along the embankments, classic coats are suitable for the first frosts, and flying shirts are ideal for going to a museum or theater. Brand stores are in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

"Each new collection


is a study of the very essence of femininity, where it originates and what markers it uses. We consider female beauty in all its multifacetedness, from grace to masculine power "- this is how the brand declares itself (also , by the way, from St.

Petersburg). Graceful but strict lines are the main feature of shirts, dresses, coats and jackets. The aesthetics of the European eighties is filed in a new manner and appears in 2018 in the form of relevant things out of time.


- a young brand that appeared only a year ago, but has already managed to conquer the capital. To return femininity to girls with free images of the eighties and nineties - this is the task set by the creators of Sorelle.

Miniskirts are still in trend, the cage is combined with everything, and jeans will never go out of style. The new collection will definitely appeal to those who, as a child, looked at the pictures in Burda magazine and dressed up in mother's dresses. The showroom of the brand is located in Moscow.

Air outfits


as if created for long walks in Paris (or another beautiful capital). Pastel shades, soft knitwear, cozy suits - all in the best traditions of the main trends of the year.

If suddenly you are waiting for an ambulance trip to warm regions, pay attention to dresses and overalls with bare shoulders, they are really beautiful. Namelazz showrooms are in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

A small but successful brand


originally from St. Petersburg.

Classical silhouettes of dresses and suits will not go out of fashion, so you can safely choose whatever your heart desires. Attention is drawn to the emphasis on femininity, it is in every thing - from a turtleneck to a dress. Each Larne outfit is carefully thought out and sewn by hand, and the creators regularly share the production process on their Instagram. You can try on outfits in St. Petersburg - in the brand’s showroom.


store created in 2011 by Lada Tomilova. “When I reflect on my collections, I represent many women I know and those I would like to meet. I admire these women and love to watch their worlds,” says the founder and concurrently designer of the brand. Outfits are created especially for modern girls who have breakfast with friends in the morning, spend the day in the office and at meetings, and go out in the evening. A little riot, a little coziness, soft relaxed silhouettes and unusual details like a fur hat or a two-tone blouse - all this gives Siamm things a special charm.

There are brand showrooms in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Tyumen.

Comfortable and beautiful clothes create a special mood. The creators of the Hør brand, which produces clothes made from natural fabrics, are guided by this very idea. Linen dresses, overalls and tops with one look transfer to the hot Italian coast. If a vacation by the sea is only planned so far, you can wear all these beautiful outfits (combining them with a warmer top, of course).

Hør clothing is presented in the Moscow DÁJE store.



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