8 new and unusual professions in 2018

There are more and more vacancies associated with new technologies - from augmented reality to blockchain and robotics. According to the Worki quick job search service, the following professions appeared or became popular in 2018.

Ecological engineer on waste management (or waste processing analyst) - this profession has long been popular abroad. And while residents of Russian cities go to rallies against the expansion of landfills, the government has to hire people who can organize garbage disposal. Among the responsibilities of such an engineer is the development of innovative solutions for the processing of waste and obtaining gas or solid fractions from them, which can be used in construction.

The salary of such specialists in Moscow starts from 120 thousand rubles.

The more popular car sharing services become, the more people are required for their service. The car-sharing manager helps to track car routes, helps users in problem situations, provides information support. The salary of such a specialist starts from 40 thousand rubles.

8 new and unusual professions in 2018

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In 2018 more and more companies are ready to hire experienced aviators who are responsible for ground control of unmanned aerial vehicles. The operator controls the drone, draws up a flight plan, is engaged in the maintenance of drones, receives data from the device and processes them. Drones are used for video filming, scientific research, cargo delivery. The salary of such a specialist is from 40 thousand to 130 thousand rubles.

Not a new, but rapidly developing profession .

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (Virtual reality, VR) are used in the gaming and film industries, in advertising and education, in medicine and robotics. The duties of a specialist include interface development, teamwork with other developers or team management, continuous analysis of user experience, 3D-modeling of objects, and much more. Typically, trainees are invited to work for free or for small amounts, specialists with experience of more than a year receive from 80 thousand rubles a month.

8 new and unusual professions in 2018

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After a sharp take-off, and then the fall of the Bitcoin exchange rate, many people wanted to learn how to work with cryptocurrencies.

Demand creates supply - increasingly, cryptocurrency mining and cryptocurrency job vacancies have begun to appear. The responsibilities of different cryptocurrency consultants may differ: some take on the role of a broker, others help set up the equipment so that the client can independently make money on blockchain technologies. Wages are also different: some pay for a consultation, some pay a percentage of the profits.

To compete with the automated workforce, creative people have to constantly improve their personal effectiveness and show excellent results. It is not simple.

A consultant on personal effectiveness will analyze a person’s lifestyle, teach him less to be distracted on social networks and work better. Such a specialist is required critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, flexibility of mind. The fee starts from two thousand rubles per hour of work.

8 new and unusual professions in 2018

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New technologies are developing and medicine.

By analyzing the DNA test, the consultant identifies potential human diseases. The main task of the genetic consultant is to study the recommendations generated by the program, check them, work with the code, and then consult with patients. Salaries start at 50 thousand rubles.

Another profession of the future. Such architects create business recommendations based on big data analysis.

The amount of data is constantly increasing - thanks to the Internet, even irons and refrigerators collect information about us. Architects help corporations make better decisions. Such people require analytical and creative skills, deep knowledge of data systems and database methodology, as well as knowledge of Oracle, Microsoft SQL servers and other systems: Unix, Linux, Solaris and Microsoft Windows. The average salary for a data architect is 180 thousand rubles.



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