8 habits that you should give up in the new year

Every New Year you promise that the next 365 days will be “healthier” than the previous ones - you will stop overeating, refuse high-calorie snacks and learn how to cook healthy dishes. However, there are many other, no less bad habits that do not allow you to achieve your goals. Which ones, now we will tell.

Stop reflecting and with the meticulousness of a private detective find more and more flaws in yourself. Just stop.

Who said criticism and dislike are a good incentive for development? The only thing that can "grow" out of the seeds of hatred and anger is mental disorders, loneliness and a total distrust of the world. Become a little kinder - give yourself compliments and stop being afraid of possible mistakes. Keep in mind: the more you swear and belittle yourself, the harder your year will be.

No, no, we have nothing against "quantitative" goals - lose weight by 15 kilograms, run 22 kilometers, read 40 books. We just don’t want you to become obsessed with these numbers and worry about every 100 "extra" grams.

Remember: the display of the scales does not reflect (and does not display) that hard work on yourself that you do day by day, they simply show numbers. The numbers that do not define you.

8 habits that you should give up in the new year

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When you force yourself to go to the gym that you don’t like at all, you do yourself a disservice. Firstly, you will not achieve the desired result - for the whole hour you will think not about the muscles and their coordinated work, but about the minutes until the end of the session.

Secondly, such an experience is unlikely to be useful in the long term - there is a risk of abandoning not only hated workouts, but also in general attempts to lead an active lifestyle. And finally, why bother torturing yourself if there is a sea of ​​equally useful and effective options. Do not like running? Try swimming or cycling. Do you miss yoga? Sign up for dancing or learn how to do breathtaking flip-flops on a trampoline. Tired of strength training? CrossFit and TRX to help you.

Do not be afraid to try and do not agree to compromises - sports should be a joy.

Every day, killing in the gym to make your body a little less terrible - the worst thing you can think of. Sport is not a punishment, it is development and freedom. Training makes a person stronger, both physically and psychologically. They educate the will, help to cope with uncertainty and better know themselves (unleash potential).

In addition, no one has canceled the "magical" properties of endorphins. Enough to suffer and hate already - your body does not deserve such a consumer attitude. It deserves love and gratitude for everything that it literally does for you.

8 habits that you should give up in the new year

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If you can't stand chia and quinoa, stop eating them.

You basically do not need quinoa to be healthy. The only thing you need is a balanced diet and small portions. All. You should not form a diet of dishes that you do not like - so you are unlikely to last long. Therefore, experiment and try - food should be not only healthy, but also tasty.

Do not deprive yourself of pleasure.

Striving for the goal is good, for perfection is bad (if at all simply). Unrealistic expectations and phenomenally challenging tasks are damaging your mental and physical condition. In addition, the desire for perfectionism is often a protective mechanism - you consciously (or unconsciously) want to protect yourself from the negative judgments of others. This year, try to direct your strength and energy to development, and not to useless and thoughtless attempts to achieve a nonexistent ideal.

8 habits that you should give up in the new year

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Despite getting rid of stress it is impossible to reduce its negative impact on the body under the power of everyone. To do this, it is enough to be more attentive to yourself. So, if you feel that something is wrong with you - you become worse asleep, get more nervous, you have panic attacks and anxiety, - do not tolerate and do not expect everything to pass by itself (no, it will not) . Turn to a good psychologist and learn how to pause (meditation, digital detox, autogenic training will help you).

Without relaxation and rest, it is impossible to resist emotional burnout - you still lose.

What prevents you from doing what you dream about? What torments you and does not allow you to breathe deeply? A painful relationship that has long become obsolete? A terrible job that sucks all your strength? Or the fears that inspired you many years ago? To hell with all of it. Get rid of people who don’t support you. Take pleasure in work that does not allow you to grow and feel happy. Work through and eradicate the fears and anxieties that poison you from within.

This is your time and your life - change, throw, reduce. In the end, it's time to make way for the new - new adventures and new great things.

8 habits that you should give up in the new year

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