7 TV shows worth watching in the fall: editorial choice

The Challenger’s content director, Lena Borovaya, talks about her favorite TV shows (in many ten seasons) that are ideal for viewing on days when you don’t want to do anything at all and the only option is to stay home under a blanket.

The series from which my love for serial films began. Vampires, Louisiana, lots of sex and handsome Alexander Skarsgard. The main thread of the series - vampires exist not just in fairy tales, but in a legal field. They vote, they have their own people in government, large corporations.

The entire population, of course, in the know, but ambiguously refers to them. Given that Louisiana is a traditional south that has long hosted people with a different skin color, it shows even less confidence in vampires. True Blood is the name of a synthetic drink that vampires consume instead of human blood. The intrigue is also that for a person the blood of a vampire is a powerful aphrodisiac, euphoric, drug. And here comes the hunt for the hunter.

You wonder who is more humane: vampires who sometimes kill someone, or people who torment and also kill vampires. The first seasons are mystical, cool, but then everything gets pretty tough.

This series was cited as an example in scriptwriter courses as an ideal option patterns of ties. Filigree construction of the series, flashbacks with stories of heroes brighten up the monotonous picture from the women's prison. And so there is everything: humor, a little trash and, of course, love (including carnal, children should be removed from the screens).

Very interesting stories of women in prison. The main scene of the first seasons is a camp with fairly mild conditions, there are few who sit for murders and serious crimes. Often women bring love there - not to that person or too strong, we learn all this from memories with suspended finals. A good opportunity to think of something. The main character, for example, gets there relatively by accident - for a crime she committed without knowing it.

If I emphasize acting (I’ll be subjective), Samira Wiley opened this series for me (and for her, the platform became the place where she met her love). She plays the role of Puse Washington, I do not want to spoil and talk about her more. The series is in suspense, the characters are changing, the relationship too.

The series with Denis De Vito. Very funny.

But the humor is black, low, dirty, although in some places very subtle. When the day went wrong, the series fits into this picture of the world and brightens it up a bit. This is an absolute and constant provocation - you always think how far heroes can go. And every time you underestimate them. The main characters are guys over 30, losers and loafers.

Denis De Vito's character - the dad of the two main characters, the twins - was a millionaire, but something went wrong. Retelling jokes from the series will be strange and unfunny - it's like "singing Pavarotti."I must admit, the manipulation of Denis and his team with such humor is something unique and not accessible to everyone. The series may push away, dislike, but it has become a classic.

Return the children to the screen.

This is a weird animated series about a boy and a dog who live in a post-apocalyptic world. Sometimes sad, when you delve deeper into why this is all happening. In general, a boy without parents in the world of toxic devastation and mutants is already quite sad. Probably, children do not immediately think about whether this can happen, therefore it is quite cool to perceive this series as a fantasy saga for preschool and school age. Each series has many metaphors, each series is deep in its own way.

The series is very kind, difficult, full of meaning and, of course, adventure.

A series about a large family from Chicago. Alcoholic father, addict mother with bipolar disorder and absolutely cool children who solve their problems themselves. An interesting journey into the American way of life of the family very low middle class (or even without middle), many storylines, many seasons, good and unexpected character transformations - lie down comfortably and turn it on. I think it’s not boring to see all the seasons at once.

But in order to periodically choke on the stories of a whole family of Ostapov Bender, it will do.

The series is about 18th century London courtesans. It starts with a certificate from which you will find out that more than half of the residents of London earned their bodies. But even then, objectification, sex without consent and other troubles, it seems, was less than now. The courtesans seem to be outside the brackets of the estates; they have more rights than many women and men.

Terrible things happen in the series, there is a whole detective line, but there are much more love and just human stories. Beautiful, interesting, feminist.

An underestimated series from the Gossip Girl genre. Here the golden youth are children from an imaginary royal family. Although the conditional United Kingdom is quite real.

The infinitely charming princess Elyanor: her naked humanity and imperfection nurture the idea that monarchs are mere mortals, and that this idea is pleasant to everyone. In the role of the British matriarch - Liz Hurley. I love her, she (the Queen of Great Britain) embodies sophistication, vice, coldness and a wide soul - such a paradox. In addition to intrigues and novels, there is a political line - the abolition of the monarchy or the abolition of parliament, the audience will have the opportunity to look at possible options for the development of events if this happened in reality.



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