7 reasons why traveling by car is cool

When you think about relaxation, what do you imagine? Landing an airplane in an exotic country? Or "all inclusive" on the first coastline? However, do you have the desire and opportunity to spend money and time on this? If not, we can offer an alternative - travel by car. Now let's explain why this is cool.

"But flying faster," you say. Perhaps, but according to the

Bureau of Labor Statistics

, traveling Americans spend about 44% of their vacation budget on transportation. This means that almost half of your money is spent on the road.

But no one will make up for you spoiled mood due to delayed flights, expensive tickets and unpleasant travel companions.

Whether it’s a car business. We found seven reasons why it is worth traveling by car. Read and pack on the go.

The car is a place, where you and your fellow travelers can calmly talk, sing, listen to music at full volume, there is even



There are no conversations with strangers, touches and intrusions into personal space. You will not freeze because of the air conditioner, which works at its full potential just because your neighbor is hot. The car will become your home for the duration of the trip (in which, however, there will not be only a bath). You can adjust the temperature in the cabin, the softness of the chair and the taste of the food. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

With other modes of transport - airplanes, trains, ferries, by buses - you are subject to an already established schedule. Departures too early, unforeseen delays, annoying stops and swearing when trying to take their place. Traveling by car, you can think over the route, make a road playlist, schedule stops. You may be surprised, but you can start to relax already when planning a trip. Use the Tripadvisor and Roadtrippers apps to help you find attractions, as well as places to relax and have a bite to eat.

If you are traveling abroad, use the Maps application as a navigator. me with offline maps. We recommend taking one or two companions who will replace you behind the wheel.

7 reasons why traveling by car is cool

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Only a few days to travel? Go to a cozy neighboring city or find a short but scenic route in nature.

The best bonus: you can change your mind on the go. If you are tired or, on the contrary, really liked it in some place, you can always adjust the route. They say that when traveling by train or plane, you can get carried away with logistics. It's true.

Money (or rather, their absence) is not an obstacle to have a nice rest.

With proper planning, car trips can become - in terms of economy - an effective way to travel.

Here are some tips to help you avoid big expenses:

  • choose a place closer. Interesting places can be found only two hours away;
  • cook (and pack in thermos and lunch boxes) food yourself, do not buy ready-made;
  • follow the stocks, use cashback programs;
  • attend free events. Not sure where to find them? Look for geolocation on Facebook, read the site of a local newspaper or download a guide;
  • do not spend all your money on accommodation. Hotels are not the only accommodation option.

    You can rent an apartment or apartment, settle in a campsite or just put up a tent. The main thing - do not forget about security.

7 reasons why traveling by car is cool

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Forget about transfusions of shampoo into small bottles and the convulsive weighing of a suitcase. On a car trip, you can take anything from your favorite gluten-free bread to a yoga mat.

There is a place in the car - so use it!

Thought about the fact that your furry friend will be left alone at home is terrifying? So take it with you! He will never criticize your driving, be naughty or challenge the choice of restaurant. The main thing - do not forget to take water to your pet and arrange a cozy couch in the back seat (or in the trunk). According to a

2016 study

, 37% of pet owners traveled with their four-legged friends. So try it and you!

Try to consider the road as part of the journey . Enjoy the views outside the window, listen to audio books that your hands never reached, talk heart to heart with loved ones.

7 reasons why traveling by car is cool

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