7 most beautiful and cool places on the Kola Peninsula

Nuclear-powered icebreakers are unique. They were built only in the USSR and continue to be built in Russia. "Lenin" - the first nuclear-powered icebreaker - was a real breakthrough in the scientific and technical field.

The first thing that strikes is, of course, the size. The ship is 134 meters long, almost 28 meters wide, and over 16 meters high.

An icebreaker could travel at a speed of 36 kilometers per hour in clear water and more than three kilometers per hour, breaking ice about two meters thick.

All the "insides" of the icebreaker are preserved in their original form - now there is a museum. The interior is impressive. In the corridors and cabins - wooden trim, reminiscent of Soviet chic. In the dining room, all the chairs are still well attached to the floor - this was done in case the icebreaker gets into the storm.

Any visitor can go into the compartment of the nuclear reactor that protected lead. Now this is not required - the equipment was dismantled before the nuclear-powered ship was withdrawn from the fleet. For entourage near the compartment are mannequins in protective suits.

Previously, the crew of the ship totaled more than 200 people. They could be in the Arctic on a ship for a year, without bouncing ashore.

It was a real city on the water: a club, a lounge, a library, a cinema hall, several dining rooms, laundry, baths, a bakery, a hairdresser and even a hospital. Despite the eternal parking in Murmansk, the ship still has a crew of 19 people - they constantly monitor the condition of the vessel and conduct excursions.

From the wheelhouse there is a beautiful view. You can see Murmansk, although not so long ago completely different landscapes were visible from the windows of the ship.



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